Microsoft Excel is a great application for both businesses and individuals to use. It offers many tools to portray the data and its interaction. Excel has simplified the lives of millions. It is one of the best applications ever made. All types of businesses use Excel. It is an important tool and many businesses require their employees to have knowledge of the application.

Excel has many features

One can easily create a spreadsheets interface for their organization using Microsoft Excel.

First of all, VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is like a mix between the programming language Visual Basic and Excel.

It allows one to automate the many activities in Excel such as generating the reports, preparing graphs and doing all the calculations. It is also called Macro. It allows the users to save time by performing the repetitive tasks.

This tutorial covers all the beginners level course and starts from scratch assuming that you have no knowledge with coding. You will learn how to make your own Macros, and help you reach the next level. It will improve your skills and make you employable. Learning VBA allows one to reach a better level than compared to a normal spreadsheet view.


You will learn how to make Macros which will run things such as creating a button for your spreadsheet. Macro will help with making Excel useful as you will unlock functions you did not know of before.

Course Requirements

Average knowledge of Excel is sufficient and you do not need to be an expert. All you need is the Excel 2007 or any greater version for this course. 

The course will take you from the beginning level of programming and take you from there.  It is a great tool for problem solving.

Try the best Excel VBA tutorials out there.

The course is meant for learners who look to augment, increase and utilize the efficient of their Excel skills. It will help tap into the powerful programming and automation capabilities found in Visual Basic for Applications. It focuses on the application of the techniques found in VBA to solve all sorts of problems.

What you will learn

You will learn to create macros for automating the procedures which are found in Excel. Decide your own user defined functions. As well as create simple type of subroutines which help the user with the interface. You will also learn basic programming structures. You will also learn to use the numerical techniques and solve problems. It is a great way to learn how to code. You do not need high level of mathematics skills.

The modules will introduce basic concepts and cover all the foundations of VBA. It is a great platform for proceeding further later onwards. In order to clear the modules, you have to clear the test.

You will learn to apply your problem solving skills and get hands on experience.

Once you manage to master VBA, you can create any possible macro to automate any task on Excel which is time saving. It will you create your own customized excel application.

VB A helps users create user-defined functions as well as automate specific computer calculations and processes. You will not have to buy a VB application as it already comes as a standard feature for Microsoft Office products.  It provides users with additional customization features besides the normal features available in the products like Excel and PowerPoint.

VBA Features

VBA uses the English language just like statement to understand and write instructions. Making a user interface is just like the paint program on your computer. All you have to do is drag, and align the interface controls.

The best thing about VBA is that you start learning from day one and can start incorporating those to your work. It truly shows the potential of excel.

You can automate the majority of routine tasks. Simple macros help with such functions.

As for businesses, with VBA you could make your own powerful application. You can customize the functions to focus on your needs.

The Basics of VBA

  • Variables:  Just like in school you learned about algebra. The value of x was supposed to be found for example in (2x + 4y) in which x would equal to 1 and the y would equal to a 3. So we can observe that in the expression, both x and y are variables. We can give them any numbers such as 1 and 3 as shown above. We can even have them changed to for example 8 and 4. In short we can say that Variables are just like memory locations. Once you start working on VBA, you will be have to figure out the variables as well as we did in algebra classes
  • You will need to know the arithmetic operators: The rules are simple for the Brackets of Division Multiplication Addition and Subtraction (BODMAS) as you can remember to apply them whenever you are working with expressions which have to use the multiple different arithmetic operators which is just like how you would in excel, one may use
    • + for addition
    • – for subtraction
    • * for multiplication
    • / for division.
  • Use the Logical operators: The concept behind logical operators which has been covered covers statements such as:
    • Possibility Statements.
    • Either
    • Nor
    • &
    • Right
    • Wrong

The Uses of VBA

 In the business and marketing field, VBA for Excel is increasing being used to make and control the complex financial statements. It helps in making the trading, risk models and forecasts for sales and revenue. Financial ratios can be used as well to better understand the underlying principles. It is a great learning and as well as teaching tool.

Try out the Excel VBA Tutorial and learn VBA in the shortest amount of time possible. We know that it is hard to make these as we are always on the go! Try the VBA Tutorial and see for yourself why it is the best.