As social media has captured the Internet and reached 2B users the demand in social media accounts has increased greatly. The higher demand leads to a new market emerging with products and services. The most popular account type is of course a Facebook account. Professionals and companies are eager to buy facebook accounts to build up their products and services:

  • Advertising and Marketing on Facebook;
  • Botnet on Facebook;
  • Scraping on Facebook;
  • SMM Panel development;
  • SMM agency services;
  • Any kind of startup that uses Facebook as a data source.


Depending on your business goal you may need different types of Facebook account:

  • Aged facebook accounts;
  • Bot facebook accounts;
  • PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) Facebook;


How Much Facebook Accounts cost

As the social media accounts market is not regulated and a new ground the prices vary from one website to another. The price range may be from $0.1 and up to $1000 per account depending on:

  • Age of Facebook account;
  • Content, friends, shoutouts;
  • Verification status;
  • Advertiser tools;
  • Advertising limits;
  • Geography of account.

Yet, there is a huge industry of influential facebook accounts with a huge follower and content base. These accounts may cost thousands and thousands dollars. This is more like a media business for sale.


The best places to buy facebook accounts

IMPORTANT: Be advised that very few places are suitable for trading accounts. You may face enormous amounts of fraud and huge incompetence from themerchant side. Thus, it is preferred to buy facebook accounts from trusted marketplaces or resources. Better avoid unknown stores and sole sellers. 


Blackhatworld Forums

Good old SEO forums are a reliable place to find a great partner that will supply you with facebook accounts.

Pros: Wide range of accounts. Reliable.

Cons: Registration needed. No instant delivery. No paypal, credit card payment methods.



Accfarm is a trusted marketplace with facebook and other social media. This marketplace has cheap facebook accounts and their support is ready to help 24/7.

Pros: Wide range of facebook accounts. Cheap prices. Superstar support. All possible payment methods including Paypal, Credit Card, Skrill. Instant delivery.

Cons: Their seller section is yet under construction which means you can sell you facebook accounts not instantly.



Yet another old place to purchase an account. They are focused on gaming industry but you also can find facebook accs for sale. 

Pros: Trusted marketplace. You can sell and buy accounts. Escrow service. 

Cons: No instant delivery. No custom orders. No support.



Everyone knows what is reddit. This media platform has subreddit channels that have traders. You must choose an appropriate subreddit that is focused on social media accounts or digital items trading. But it is difficult to buy from reddit if you don’t have an account there.

Pros: Trusted and reliable forums. You can find dozens of different traders. You can require custom orders.

Cons: No instant delivery. No escrow. No support.



Choose a marketplace that has a wider range of products. Make sure this place has your favorite payment method. Check if it has reliable support. Double check instructions and refund policies as you make a purchase.