For many people, the dog has long become a permanent and beloved member of the family. And therefore it must be only the best for the dog. And also the dog should be able to live as comfortably as possible. In this post we would like to show some cool products for your dog.

Dog shower – Stress-free showering the dog

A dog requires a different hygiene than a human. Regular showers are not absolutely necessary and can even harm the sensitive dog skin if the wrong shampoos are used. Nevertheless, four-legged friends should take a shower if their fur is dirty. Dog showers offer a convenient way to thoroughly clean your dog’s coat. A dog shower effectively rids fur and paws of mud, salt water and other contaminants. There are small models for on the go, with an attachment for the garden hose or entire shower stations including tubs. Thanks to brush attachments, you can clean your dog much easier and faster.

Cannabidoil for Canines

What makes Cannabidiol for canines so special? Hemp oil is derived from the cannabis plant, but contrary to popular belief, it does not contain THC (or in other words, it won’t get your dog high). Hemp oil is produced by pressing hemp seeds together and extracting their oils. These oils contain omega-3 fatty acids as well as many other vitamins and nutrients that support healthy skin and coat growth. Cannabidiol for canines also has a calming effect on your pet’s mind and body—something you can really notice when your dog gets stressed out during thunderstorms or fireworks shows. We recommend using hemp oil when your dog is getting ready for an event or activity that might cause them some stress or anxiety

Dog hair dryer – How to quickly get the coat clean and dry again.

A walk in the rain, a swim in the lake, a cool down under the lawn sprinkler: dogs get really wet every now and then and then smell very unpleasant. In addition, there is a risk of colds if they do not dry again quickly. With the dog blower can be remedied. In addition, the blower is ideal for blowing dirt out of the fur. What it depends on the dog hair dryer, you will learn here.

Dog mattress – More than just a place to sleep

A proper mattress for a dog? Does it really have to be? Not necessarily, but can definitely make sense! The dog mattress is more than just a place for the dog to sleep. It is a place where the four-legged friend can relax by sleeping. Likewise, the dog mattress serves as a place of retreat and rest. Because in the square the four-legged friend has the opportunity to be for himself. Especially when there is a lot of visitors around him, excitement or prolonged noise. Situations that can stress a dog in the long term. An orthopedic dog mattress can make sense especially for older dogs or dogs with musculoskeletal health problems.

Dog drinking bottle – be supplied everywhere with water

The daily walk with the four-legged friend belongs to the everyday life for dog owners. However, if the excursion is once again more extended than planned or the temperatures are correspondingly high, one should take precautions, because not only humans need a sufficient amount of liquid. A portable dog water bottle should therefore have every dog owner and this makes sense not only in midsummer! Therefore, it is best to always stow in the car or in the bag and be prepared.

Cooling mat for dogs – cooling in summer

A cool place on warm or hot days is for many dogs not only a nice place to relax, but for some dogs also absolutely necessary. This is especially true for dogs that are a bit older. Dogs that wear a thick and dense coat or dogs that can hardly manage the temperature balance themselves due to illnesses. Especially in midsummer, a cooling mat is therefore an absolute insider tip and you will quickly notice that the dog also finds the cooling mat very cool! The cooling mats are available in different sizes.

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