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What Are the Best Projector Comparison Sites?

When it comes to buying things we are not used to, we always look for a recommendation. If you are looking to get a new projector, the best way to ensure that you are getting the best product for your money is by visiting projector comparison sites.

There are tons of reasons why you may need to get a projector, if you are looking for a truly cinematic experience, getting a projector is the way to go. Most people get projectors because of their massive screens which can reach beyond 120 inches. In fact, some of the modern day projectors now support 4K UHD resolution.

Buying a projector is a bit more complicated than buying a TV; this makes projector comparison sites very important. Whether it is your first time shopping for a projector or you have been using them before, you need a guide on how to get the best projector. Fortunately, you can get tons of information on different projectors once you visit these top 2 projector comparison sites.


The top two projector comparison sites you should be visiting when you are shopping for a new projector include:

  • Projective Live
  • Projector Central

These two sites have been consistently ranked as the best place to get information on everything projector. Both of them serve almost the same purpose but in different ways. In this article, we will take a look at these top two projector comparison sites, we will take a look at the features, what they offer, functionalities, and why you should be visiting each of them.


Projector Central

Projector Central was created as far back as 1998 and has remained a source of reliable information for those looking to buy a projector. The company has their headquarters in Portola, California.

Just like the name sounds, this website exists only to serve one purpose – give you all the information you need on everything projector. You can also find information about on screens and related equipment on this site.

Projector Central is so popular and reliable that most people don’t trust any projector that hasn’t been featured in this projector comparison site. You can find the reviews and commentaries on most popular and even little-known projectors and projection technologies on this website.

This website has great projector reviewers such as Bill Livolsi, Evan Powell, David Colin, Dave Dicklich, and Liz Jefferys as members of their staff. These reviewers have a great experience when it comes to using projectors and writing about them.


Using the Projector Central

Once you log on to the Projector Central, you will be greeted with news and reviews of projectors. You can be able to see the latest reviews as well as latest blogs on projectors.

Going further, you will see a section named “Road Test Certified Projectors”. This usually includes 10 hand-picked projectors by Projector Central. Some of these products include Benq projectors. They are there to save you time, you can see each projector and the price at a glance; click on the projector you want and you can read an in-depth review of that projector.

The great thing with Projector Central is that they provide in-depth review and analysis on every projector on their website. You will definitely love using this site.


Projector Live

Projector Live is another great platform to read reviews and commentaries when you are searching for the best projectors or most affordable projectors on the market.

This projector comparison site is much more recent than Projector Central, and they adopt a different approach when it comes to providing reviews for projectors.

Once you get to this website, you will notice it is much different to Projector Central. The first thing you will see on visiting the website is a list of projectors such as Benq projectors.


Using Projector Live

Projector Live has the most advanced features on all the projector comparison sites we looked at. This site has a functionality that allows you to compare 3 projectors all at once.

You just need to select the projectors you want to compare from the drop-down and you can be able to get all the basic info, in a glance, on all these projectors including their prices and specifications, like vertical lens shift, brightness or noise.


Which Projector Comparison Site You Should Use?

Both sites are unique when it comes to comparing projectors. When it comes to reading in-depth reviews about projectors, we would recommend you use Projector Central and then make use of Projector Live when you want to compare projectors at the same time to quickly spot the differences.


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