If you are a tiler who is on the lookout for the best manual tile cutters, then you have come to the right place. As a tiler, it is important to find the best tile cutters to ensure that the tiles are cut in the best way. Even though most tilers might have a preference for electric tile cutters, there is a reason why manual tile cutters are the best option for tilers who look for perfect accuracy.

The best manual tile cutter ensures that the tiles you want to cut are nicely done so in order to give perfection to your work. A professional manual tile cutter offers far superior quality of work as compared to an electric tile cutter.

Why look for the best tile cutter?

There are many reasons why tilers prefer the best manual tile cutter. Some of the main reasons have been highlighted as below.

  • The manual tile cutter offers faster cutting speed up to 90% faster which will help save up time.
  • It is also one of the cheapest ways in order to cut glass.
  • No having to buy, install, stock or maintain the wet tile saw.
  • It offers a dry cut as there is no need for any water or even any electricity meaning that the work can be done anymore, especially when new homes are being constructed and might not be any power options for using an electric cutter to cut the tiles.
  • The manual tile cutters give a bright and clean finished edge to the tiles.
  • The tiles will look more cohesive and well put together when you use the best manual tile cutter.

You don’t have to be a professional tiler to use the best tile cutters but knowing about the best tile cutters will help give you an idea about the best tile cutters that are available in the market and should be used, such as in the case that you plan on hiring a tile cutter for your home to use a tile cutter who has the best tools to make you choose the right professional tiler.

If you are a professional tiler who needs to know the best hand tile cutters which are being used to run a successful tiling business, then you need to read the list of the best tile cutters. Getting the tile cutter which is the best is a great investment for your business as customers will appreciate your hard work and would consider using your services in the future or passing on positive word of mouth.


The Top 5 Best Tile Cutters

You can buy the best tile cutters at any of the hardware stores such as Tile Cutter B & Q, Tile Cutter Tool Station and Tile Cutter Argos. Your time is precious which is why the local hardware stores have been suggested so that you can just order online on their online stores and get the best tile cutters.

Sigma 3P2K

It is an impressive tool for professional tilers to use. The Sigma 3P2K is your best option. Since it is one of the best tiling tools out there, Sigma offers you a 5 year guarantee when you but the tile cutter. It is one the main reasons why it the best option for you.

The tile cutter provides a breaking pressure of 1200 KG and it has a maximum cutting length up to 1020 mm. The tile cutter has sprung beds and a klick klock handle to provide you with a n easy to use professional manual cutter. It also has a tile support bracket to reduce the amount of tile breakages which occur while you use the tool. Consider getting the Sigma 3P2K for your needs, as it is the ideal option for you.


Montolit Flashline Evo Manual Tile Cutter

The Montolit Flashline Evo Manual Tile Cutter is the perfect choice as it provides the easiest to use hand tile cutting tool to cut all types of tiles. Whenever you use the tile cutter, they will be cut perfectly straight every time.

The tool only weighs 9 KG making it easy to use. It has a patented grip system to provide you with the best grip support. It is your answer to cutting tiles.


Sigma 3B

Another great option by Sigma is the Sigma 3B which is the leading tile cutter that has a guarantee of  5 years making it the best draw as you will be able to use the tile cutter without any worries.

It has a 1050 KG breaking pressure ensuring that every type of tile would be cut with ease. It has a maximum cutting length of 670 mm. It even has sprung beds and a handle that has a pull. Choose the best tile cutter.


CON:P CP790135 Tile Cutter with Steel Base Plate

The CON:P CP790135 is available on Amazon. If you are looking for the best tile cutter for lighter tiles, then you need to try the cutter as it is a simple semi-professional tile cutter and can be used by just about anyone. It cuts tile up to 500 mm and the solution for cutting lighter tiles with ease.


Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 75cm

The Montolit tile cutter is one of the best tile cutters out there. It has been built to provide you with the best professional manual tile cutter. It offers 3 tiling professionals with the ability to cut tiles of different type such as ceramic tiles, glass tiles, porcelain tiles, and even glass mosaic. The tool provides cutting of tiles with a thickness of 0 to 22 mm.

It even has a large protractor which makes it easy for anyone to use and cut angles precisely. It is easy to carry with its unique design.


Choose the Best Tile Cutter in 2019

As a professional tile cutter, it is important to use the best tile cutter and as the latest designs offer much convenience, it is important to choose the best tile cutter in 2019.