So you want to plan your SEO in Brampton strategy and you’re looking for some tips? No problem! join as we discuss the best tips we’ve collected for building a solid SEO strategy for your business.

There are five areas that you should focus on when developing your Brampton SEO strategy, which are the audience, service or product, search engine, website and content. Each of these areas is critical for your success, so be sure not to skip any!

The Audience

For SEO in Brampton and elsewhere, the audience should be your central focus. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Why do they want my product/ service?
  • What are they willing to do for it?
  • Who does my audience represent?
  • What separates my product from my competitors?
  • When is the best time for my audience to interact with my business?

Answering these questions will provide insight into your audience and help you understand just who you are trying to reach with your efforts. Knowing who you are talking to should be the first step in planning your search engine optimization.

SEO strategy with components for successful marketing as icons on cubes on wooden background

The Service/ Product

Your business must also be part of your SEO plan. What are you going to do to your online or physical storefront to make it more appealing to potential customers? Are you going to use deals, discounts or exclusive product offerings to entice people to one location or another? Considering how you deliver, frame and market your product or service can help you see holes in your plan. It also helps you hone in on the benefits of your company, but more on that later.

The Search Engine

Know your search engines! While Google may have the dominant market position at this time, they are far from the only option. Certain demographics are much more likely to favour browsers that emphasize privacy, or those that are available upon purchasing a new computer. So, know where it is best to focus your efforts.

Then, when you do, find out what raises rankings. Google has quality guidelines that make it easy to understand how to optimize your site and content to give them the best chance of claiming the ranks.

The Website

Your website is a reflection of your business. For Brampton SEO, it should be easy to navigate, load fast and feature a unique design. Stay away from pre-built options as these often restrict customization and make it difficult to stand out from similar options. When planning your SEO, think about redoing your website entirely, or at least making your landing page chock full of relevant, useful content and information.

The Content

Planning your SEO will eventually lead you to the content. What are you going to write blogs about, or post on social media, or put on your website? How many keywords are you going to put on every page, and how will you keep the content fresh and original? These are all questions you should consider throughout your planning process.