The Best Web Design for Nonprofits

A professional web designer creates every successful website; they can make any page simple for Google to position. Those who know about the matter charge considerable amounts of money according to what the client wants.

So, if creating a professional site is supposed to require a professional web designer, how do nonprofits do their websites? Well, mostly, these organizations use conductive tools. It is possible to achieve a unique and elegant web design. Next, we will show the driving tools offering better web designs and services. In the end, we will say which is the best of them.

Option number 1: SITE123

SITE123 allows you to create sites for free when you use the free plan. This driving tool’s strength is the mobile’s security and presentation. It is critical, considering that websites are created from a computer and most of those who visit them use a cell phone.

Unlike other authoring tools, SITE123 already includes complete templates that can be used with the free plan. Such designs are not created with second-hand thinking; the style simultaneously conveys professionalism and simplicity.

On the other hand, it offers unique features that allow anyone to use it even if they have no experience developing a website. So it can be one of the Best web design for nonprofits.

SITE123 Features

As the main point, we emphasize that its editor is orderly. It displays all the essential content blocks to give the web a professional style like other famous sites.

In the background, we highlight that it allows you to add a ‘Donation button.’ By incorporating this button, it will be possible to receive immediate monetary help from other people. Some design tools do not support these functions in accessible mode, only paying for a Premium plan. Without a doubt, it is a great advantage.

Add a Chat add-on. Plugins always go beyond what web structures provide. SITE123 has specific chat plugins that you can use to clarify doubts to visitors.

It gives access to a library of free images. The images and icons also provide a professional look, but creating logos or purchasing an image is expensive. Both free elements will drive the growth of the project.

Option number 2: Wix

The creation of non-profit websites has to be a task free of complication, which produces zero stress. The tool’s strength is simplicity; this creator is drag and then drop so that the site takes good shape in a short period, and it is possible to put it online.

Each part of its interface comes in Spanish; the only thing not yet in Spanish is the help section. However, whatever doubt you have, take the means of contact that appears on the web and call them between 15 to 18 hours.

Wix Features

Easy to use. Thanks to the straightforward menu, which comes in Spanish, you can add blocks and content to each page or text wherever you want. As you make your changes, use the editor preview, and you’ll get a private preview of your site.

Applications are suitable for non-profit websites. Specific templates feature registration applications that let you create individual accounts, subscribe to new site information, and donate. This is something that every nonprofit site needs to have if you want to create a reliable network with visitors.

Excellent SEO assistants. Wix is unique because you don’t need to hire an SEO expert for the website to rank. Thanks to its internal SEO assistants, each of the pages and posts you add you will position well among the searches of each user.

Creation of mobile-friendly websites. Since most Internet surfers use a mobile device, Google prioritizes sites optimized for smartphones. Wix brings the necessary tools to optimize sites to mobile.

Varied templates. It has a wide range of free templates that everyone with a free plan can use. However, after selecting one, keep that one because if you change it from one day to the next, you will have to adjust each area of the web again manually.

Option number 3: Weebly

For a long time, it has been making a good name, always received positive reviews from users who use it. What this has produced is its function of trading through emails; indeed, it is not a function that non-profit organizations use. However, it is good to mention it because it may be helpful to others at some point.

It has a simple interface entirely in Spanish; the bad thing is that the assistance part comes in English and French. Although many probably see it as a problem, it is not because you will not need help using its interface. If you need help from the help panel, use Google Translate, and you’ll be able to understand every piece of content.

Features of Weebly

Drag and drop editor. It gives the opportunity to create, customize and edit content without knowledge of web design. Thanks to this, it is possible to create a site to your liking that meets each desired expectation, with attractive aesthetics given to others.

Creation of stores. Believe it or not, certain commerce functions allow nonprofits to receive donations. If at least someone activates the store, they can place a donation button in the form of a product on it.

In addition, it is also possible to add simple products such as t-shirts. To then tell visitors that with the purchase of a product, you would be benefiting yourself and contributing to the cause.

Lead forms. Email addresses are a valuable resource since, through them, there are possibilities to get loyal followers, volunteers, and donations. Weebly provides an extensive contact list from which you can collect emails and extra information from visitors.

Once you have this information, it is possible to send messages to the email of each visitor asking for support or to spread the word about what the web offers.

Grid parameters. The feature comes in handy when you display images and embed YouTube videos on the site. Both authoring tools mentioned in options 1 and 2 offer better grid adjustments. The advantage of this is that as it is not customizable, the work progresses more quickly.

Option number 4: Squarespace

It is a paid creator and gives the option of a trial of 14 days period in which it allows you to create websites and put them to the test. After developing the site, you pay a certain amount and authorize the publication. It was included in the list because the design is exceptional and gives a professional appearance.

It gives greater credibility to the sites, facilitating users’ support in a reduced amount of time. Using it is a bit frustrating; not all of the menu comes in Spanish, and the information base is available only in English. What makes it outstanding are its characteristics.

Squarespace Features

Donation button. The built-in donation module eliminates the need to search for plugins that make it easy to ask for donations. This button is editable; there are possibilities to include donation levels, suggestion amounts, and even complete payment forms.

Efficient change of templates. Facilitates style changes from time to time; selects a template; all the data from the previous template will be changed correctly to the new one. The function is unique because you do not need to edit the Web again; it adjusts independently.

It has optimized data export. Collect the data of those who donate money using the integrated donation button. Information such as name, surname, email address, and means of payment is automatically saved in a spreadsheet. Although if you prefer, it is sent directly to your email account.

Numerous variations of templates. It provides more than 100 templates of professional and elegant style and paying for a plan, even if essential, gives access to these models. It should be noted that specific sketches have been created thinking exclusively of charitable groups.

24/7 customer support. No matter what type of plan the person has, they provide practical guides, help, photos, seminars, and videos to each user to teach them how to manage their site. In case of not understand anything about web design, they provide the opportunity to elaborate on the web themselves.

Option number 5: Key Medium

It is not directly a web creation tool like the one we discussed. This platform is committed to efficiently designing websites for charitable groups that are not looking to make money of their own. They provide the best web design for non-profit organizations.

By hiring them, you won’t spend much money and will save time. Essential Medium is superior to each of the authoring tools. It offers services that none of the creative tools mentioned above provide. They keep customers on track of trends, which is essential today.

Pay attention to the most important features provided within the platform.

Key Medium Features

Digital strategy. The websites they design apply strategies that help the sites gradually develop a good donor base. Someone with no experience in the field may never be able to acquire loyal donors as Key Medium does.

Integrated analytics. They monitor site statistics 24 hours daily to ensure the web is growing. Keeping abreast of each data makes it possible to control the development level gradually.

Hassle-free maintenance. They offer access to a mobile library with reusable items, so the site is always up to date. The good thing about such an adaptation is that it does not uncontrol the site or exhaust the person’s budget.

SEO strategy. They locate the SEO problems presented by the web and solve them. Considering the improvements and budget invested, they ensure an estimated commercial impact.

Web Development. They commission professional web designers to organize the site according to your taste. They only ask for opinions, then tell you what period the design will take.

Digital marketing. They provide three promotional emails, an optimized landing page, two digital class ads, and campaign information. Such means facilitate growth, visitor traffic, and donation in the short and long term.

Writing and editing of texts. Content is always an issue when the web has been finished. Considering it, Key Medium provides original articles for blogs, social media posts, books, and even brand messaging.

Campaigns based on data collection. It lets you identify the demographic of interest, get information from visitors, stay ahead of the competition, and show ads in different places.


What is the best web design for nonprofits?

At first, it is understandable that someone tries to create a site of this type on their own, although we know it is not the best option. After analyzing the web creation tools and platforms, we can say that the best option is Key Medium.

You will indeed need to have a certain amount of money, but as long as the site does not aim to make personal gains, they will impose a low fee. When you have time, take a look at the platform, talk directly to the administrators and submit a proposal based on the amount of money you have.