The Best YouTube Ads Blockers

Auto-play video commercials, banners, and pop-ups are some of the most hated sights. We all hate having to wait for YouTube videos to play and having to skip all those pesky ads. As ads continue to be bombarded, it is important to look for a solution. This is where YouTube ads blockers come into place. If you are tired of browsing YouTube and coming across ad, you need to use a YouTube ads blocker. This post takes a look at the best YouTube ads blockers.

What Is A YouTube Ads Blocker?

Before we start the list of YouTube ads blockers, it is important to know what a YouTube ads blocker is. In the simplest of words, a YouTube ads blocker is an extension or program that is developed to limit ads. But, some tend to be more successful than others. This is why we only share the top contenders. Let’s get started.

  1. YouTube Vanced

If you are looking for the best YouTube ads blocker, YouTube Vanced is the perfect tool that you need to check out. It has been designed with user experience in mind. From blocking all ads to offering HD videos to high quality music and the option to download videos, you can never go wrong with this amazing tool. Starting with the best program first, you have to give this ad blocker a try. You can count on it for blocking all types of ads. There is simply no better tool in the market.

With YouTube Vanced, you get to satisfy all your YouTube video cravings. Watch as many videos as you want without having to worry about ads when you use the tool. It is as good as things get. Choose YouTube Vanced for an incredible experience. It is widely used by users from across the globe.

  1. Ad Block

Another great YouTube ads blocker that you need to know about is Ad Block. It is actually a browser extension that truly blocks YouTube ads and other type of ads. You will find the tool to be effective when it comes to removing ads on not just YouTube but other sites as well. Ad Block has made a name of its own in a short period of time. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. A great thing about the tool is that it is easy to configure.

  1. Ghostery

Ghostery is the perfect add-on for any browser. It blocks out social media trackers and advertisements so that you can have a better online experience. The tool not only limits YouTube ads, but also other ads. Its robust database makes thing a whole lot easier. Users never have to worry about ads again with this amazing tool.


Now that you know about the best YouTube ads blockers, you can use one that suits you best. However, if you want to have the best experience, YouTube Vanced is the way to go. It is an extremely reliable and safe tool that makes browsing on YouTube fun.