The dielectric TV mirror is one of the latest advancements in technology as well as the entertainment sector around the globe. It’s one of the devices where a TV installation takes place behind a mirror.

Thus, the viewer won’t be able to watch the TV or its silhouette when the TV is turned off. Simply put, it would work like any ordinary mirror when the TV is not turned on. 

How does it work?

The secret of this transition from being a TV to a mirror is because of the dielectric mirror. The technicians use it in front of the TV set. This mirror is nothing but the optical lens with a coating of silvery-white color.

This transparent glass has a cover of thin metal thin. These mirrors are often produced with different reflectivity and transmittance just to bring specific changes with the resolution as and when the TV screen is to be used.

In fact, consider GECEY mirror with tv inside when you are looking for a trustable brand to experiment with this new technology, or want to purchase a TV that can beat everything innovation available in the market at present. 

The mirror size information

It changes as per the room’s size and the TV resolution in demand by the customer. Usually, when you want this product from reliable stores, try and search for the options ranging from 10 to 110 inches, as they are most common.

If you want a rectangular TV set, the size of the mirror would also be in that shape, and the size would be on a higher angle. However, if the TV shape and size are different or smaller, then the mirror size would also be possibly small.

Besides that, as a smart purchaser, you must also know if the room you want to install this TV has the average space on the wall or not. Then, you have to consider what you want on that single space on the wall. There is a well-known formula for the GECEY mirror with tv inside, which you follow through before final purchase.

For example, for a 4K mirror, the formula is “view distance = size of the TV multiplied by 2.”

Choose the style of the mirror 

You can put up a stylish mirror in your house, or in any of the rooms, and still watch the TV as and when you would like. It will be an amazing experience. The style for the most genuine GECEY mirror with tv inside further bifurcates depending upon shape, frame, and the environment it is best placed amongst.

The shape can be rectangular, circular, oval, and much more. The frame styles are related to having the frame or being utterly frameless. As far as the environment goes, mirror TV would be designed differently for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and/or washrooms.

Many mirror TVs are also shockproof and waterproof. For this, you have to consult the person from whom you are buying such kinds of mirror TVs. 

You can have a touch screen as well

The touch screen mirror TVs further divide into capacitive and infrared touch screen capabilities or categories. The framed mirror TVs to be used in the house should be laced with the IR touch screen.

Though the frameless mirror TVs have capacitive touch screens. The entire experience of having a touch screen mirror TV is no less than a fictional movie coming live. But if you have a budget, you can make it happen. Then, it can bewilder those who want to impress at home.

Type of mirror TV frame to consider

For any GECEY mirror with tv inside, find 3-4 four frame types available in the market. For the medium-range mirror TV sets, wooden frames are really attractive alternatives. As far as the minimum goes by, aluminum would be the best choice in that matter.

Most of the aluminum frames are found in rectangular shapes in the market. However, you can request a fully customized frame with slight extra charges if the seller already does not have that shape in the store.

On the other hand, Polystyrene frames are in the medium range with vibrant patterns, styles, and colors. These frames are best for the mirror TV sets used outdoors. They are also found in rectangular shapes mostly.