Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of online Marketing and is imperative for quality prominence in the virtual realm. When it comes to the internet a lot of the times users use their smartphone to search for information. With that said it is essential to optimize your search engine habits not only for the Desktop but also for Mobile Phones. In this article we will discuss the difference between SEO for Desktop and Smartphones and its importance for online marketing and business visibility.


Differences between SEO for Mobile and Desktop


Mobile-First indexing

With the introduction of Mobile-first Indexing, Search results on Desktop and Mobile phone appear to be different if not slightly similar. This usually means that the search results that will appear on your mobile screen are tailored specifically to your search habits. Most of the times these search results appear according to your previous search histories and preferences.

Google has developed an algorithm specifically for Mobile Phones and have coined a term, also known as Micro-moments. Micro-Moments refer to the most probable intent behind search habits by users while using a smartphone.  This particular feature plays a crucial part in developing SEO strategies tailored specifically for smartphones as this SEO company in Malaysia suggests.


Screen Size

Usually Smartphones and tablets have a comparatively smaller screen size than a Desktop. This means that the search results displayed on the top hold more value as compared to the search results showing up on a desktop. According to a research the user habits and preference for the top most search results hold the most value especially when it comes to smartphones. Users are most likely to select one out of the top 3 search results appearing on their smartphone.

Since most of the smartphones have a vertical screen which only allows 2-3 search results, users have to scroll endlessly to get to the bottom of the page. This is comparatively different to how a desktop displays the search results, which usually leads up to a minimum of 5-6 results/page. Considering this it is essential that you target and devise impenetrable SEO Strategy to get your page at the top most in the search listings.

You can also use the help of an online SEO platform such as Thunderhawk  in order to help you specifically design and tailor SEO strategies for your mobile phone. They offer great deals and guidance especially when it comes to optimizing search engine ranking for mobile phones.


Text results

Text results appear differently on a mobile phone as compared to a Desktop. Usually results appear in the form of cards that are encapsulated with in borders. They can also appear with an additional image attached to them. This makes it highly imperative to add essential keywords in your texts and load your metadata and descriptions with important details.

Google also uses an additional feature specifically designed for mobile phones in the form of snippets. This means that you have to optimize your search engine results for the mobile phone using an entirely different strategy. Use essential keywords and optimize snippets in order to increase user engagement and earn a higher placement in the Google search results.


Visual cues

Usually an image or a thumbnail will appear alongside texts on the Mobile Phone. This makes it highly imperative to not only optimize your visual content and photos to the right size and format for Mobile compatibility. But also to make sure that you choose and design your thumbnails personally. A lot of the times when you are uploading content on the internet Google or any other particular platform will assign your content with a thumbnail.

It is essential that you choose this thumbnail personally and make it as attractive as possible. Most of the times users will click on your link based on the thumbnail image that appears on the side. This makes it important to optimize thumbnails especially when optimizing search engine results for a Mobile Device.

Why is it important to tailor a different SEO strategy for Mobile and Desktop?

It is imperative to tailor search engine optimization specifically targeted for Mobile and Desktop separately. Since both of them offer a different range of technical and visual features, it is important to make sure you’re providing the right tech support and SEO for different devices.

You might have to optimize additional features for phone in order to make your Site and content compatible and SEO competitive for a Mobile Phone. You need to target a different strategy in order to appear in the top 3 search results in order to maximize traffic from mobile phones.


Page-loading Speed

It is essential to notice that a lot of the times users access Sites and Webpages from a mobile phone for quick results. This is why it is essential that you optimize your Page loading speed specifically for Mobile Phones. Mobile users only wait for up to 3-6 seconds before they opt for a different source. This is why it is imperative to make sure you optimize your page loading speed for a seamless mobile compatibility. Make sure you optimize the visual content to the right size and format, and tailor it to aid speed, especially for a mobile phone.

Response time for mobile and desktop devices vary because of this crucial aspect of loading speed.

It is imperative that you design an entirely different Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Mobile phones and devices other than Desktop. It is essential to do this in order to make sure that you are able to engage with Mobile Phone users effectively. By optimizing search results for mobiles and other devices you will be able to direct an exponentially great amount of traffic to your Webpage. Since Mobile users account for up to 75% of the daily searches made online.

Targeting this 75% means directing an influx of traffic to your page that will not only optimize your search engine results but also drastically improve your Web Conversion. So what are you waiting for – optimize now and grow your business!