The world is more connected than ever before. With flights to just about every single corner of the globe, gambling lovers would be glad to know that there are places around the world where they can play and win big. It does not matter where you live in the world or if the country you live in has failed to join the 21st century and legalize online gambling. The good news is that you can buy a lottery and try your luck to win the grand prize on Powerball via 파워볼사이트.

There are various lottos around the world and that means you can find out which lotto suits you best. This post looks at some of the biggest lottos around the world. If you want to become a high-stakes player, then you should at least try any one of the lottos mentioned in this post. You never know which lotto could change your life. The lotto is your ticket to instant riches, an easy life where everything is possible.

Whether it is Super Enalotto, Lottery or Lotto, you could generate a record payout by winning the lottery. This post looks at the different Lottos around the world so that you can wonder to yourself just how winners could spend all of that money in their life.

  1. El Gordo – The Spanish Lottery

Even though the Spanish economy is still in proverbial doldrums, the country knows just how to brighten up your life by offering big lotteries. When El Gordo or Fat One paid out during Christmas in late 2014, punters shared 2.5 Billion Euros of the pot prize which is one of the largest.

Spanish lottery winners saw their life change in the blink of an eye. Referred to as the largest lottery haul in the world, the prize payout led to credit card bills stacking right before the disastrous financial collapse that took Spain by a surprise.

Spaniards participate in the El Gordo every year hoping to win the jackpot that would change their lives forever. The El Gordo is the best of the best that Spain has to offer. Thousands and even hundreds of thousands of Spaniards try El Gordo. It is similar to a national sport. The Spanish like to gamble and El Gordo makes it possible for them to experience the finer things in life.

  1. Euro Millions Jackpot – Biggest Bayfords Bag

The huge Euro Millions is one of the largest draw that Europeans can become a part of. This Europe-wide lottery has been making instant millionaires since 2004 when it was first launched. There are plenty of notorious rollovers that take part to win any of the jackpot prizes. A lucky British couple had won a whooping jackpot prize worth 190 Million Euros in 2012. A year before that, a Scottish couple had won 200 Million Euros when they played the Euro Millions draw.

The Millionaire Raffle Draw, UK Euro Million had also made about one hundred millionaires in just a single night. It had been launched in celebration of the London Olympics. The Euro Millions Jackpot is not only played by Brits, people from all over Europe participate in Euro Millions Jackpot. It offers jackpot prizes that are hundreds of millions of Euros. Many Euro Millions Jackpot winners move to Monaco to live the good life. After all, Monaco is a tax haven where the filthy rich live.

  1. Mega Millions – USA

The thing about the United States is the fact that the mighty nation never does small things. It could not be truer when it comes to lotteries. When people think of gambling, Las Vegas is the place that comes to mind. But, USA has a lot more to offer than just Las Vegas.

Majority of the US states offer huge prizes to gamblers. Prize lottery is mostly allowed in all major US states. In 2012, Illinois, Kansas and Maryland lotteries were the three winning lotteries which shared a prize pool of 656 Million US Dollars.

Merle and Pat Butler from Red Bud, Illinois were the winners of the first prize which was worth 218 Million US Dollars. The other two winners decided to remain anonymous. They are considered to win from the biggest US lottery payouts until now.

Different states in the US have also millions of dollars worth of cash prizes to winners. There aren’t only one or two winners of Mega Million in the US. California and Georgia lotteries shared 646 Million US Dollars. A single lucky winner won over 370 Million US Dollars when playing at the Florida Powerball.

  1. Super Enalotto – Italian Super Lottery

Besides just Spain, Italy also boasts its very own lottery that is separate from the Euro Millions. In 2010, 70 lucky prize winners were paid a whooping 177 Million Euros. However, in 2009, a single lucky player won 148 Million Euros. In 2008, a single lucky winner took home about 100 Million Euros. However, the winner had to stay anonymous due to the Mafia and other gangsters.

The Italians have their very own Super Enalotto which offers huge cash prizes. One can change their life in minutes when they win a prize. Every year the prize money only gets larger and larger. There seems to be no stopping when it comes to the lotto pool.

  1. OZ Lotto – Australia

Australia might have a small population, but the country has a lot of resources and Aussies like to spend these on gambling. Aussies simply love gambling to the core. That is why they are able to build up some of the largest lottery prize pools in the world.

In 2012, during the biggest horse race in Australia on the night of Melbourne Cup, four families managed to share a prize pool that was worth more than 111 Million Australian Dollars. OZ Lotto is one of the biggest in Australia. It is where people spread their wealth.

  1. Data HK – Hong Kong

Asia is home to some of the richest people in the world. It is home to many millionaires. Asians like to spend their riches in their home continent. This is why Data HK (Local Lotto in Hong Kong) has become extremely popular.

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places in the world and manages to prize pool millions of dollars every year. Data HK is played by just about every gambling lover who wants to win big. The prize money is worth millions of dollars. It is obvious why Asians take part in it.

  1. Irish Lotto – Ireland

The Irish Lotto is played by the Irish and other gambling lovers. It offers up to 5.5 Million Euros worth of prizes. One can easily visit the website and win online. It is easy and fast. The Irish love their gambling just as much as the Brits do and for good reason. If you want to win huge amounts of money, then the Irish Lotto is just for you. The single ticket costs almost 4 Euros which makes it easy for everyone to take part.

  1. Canada Lotto 649 – Canada

Canada is easily one of the most open and liberal countries in the world. With the recent legalization of marijuana, Canada has some of the most relaxed policies when it comes to gambling. Canada Lotto 649 is one of the biggest in Canada and it offers up to 9 Million Canadian Dollars worth of cash prizes to winners. The ticket costs less than 10 Dollars.  Play Canada Lotto 649 and change your life.

  1. Es La Primitiva

La Primitiva is another Spanish lottery draw which is one of the oldest and most popular. It has a history that goes back to the 18th century. The draw originally only used 5 balls from a pool of 90. However, it was only in 1985 that the draw adopted the new 6/40 format which is quite similar to the format used today.

The draw takes every place Saturday and Thursday. The best part about Es La Primitiva is that the results get posted shortly after the game. There are many interesting prize payouts and rules to La Primitiva. It is somewhat unique in the world of everything lottery. A 6/49 lottery matrix is employed along with the bonus ball which can be used for winning the third prize.

Six numbers from a pool of 1 to 49 need to be chosen to play La Primitiva. There is also a 7th number. Players can either randomly select it when they buy their ticket or they can choose it. The 7th ball had been added to the draw in 1991. It is also for winning the additional jackpot. You will win the Especial jackpot if you match all of the six main lottery balls and the 7th ball. It is capable of climbing all the way to a hundred thousand Euros and more.

In the year 2012, the Joker had been introduced as optional costing an extra Euro. Players are assigned a random 7 digit number in the game and can win prizes up to a million Euros depending on how many of the numbers they are able to match. An additional Euro needs to be paid to add the Joker. All the seven drawn numbers have to match in the same order to win the top one million Euros prize.


Starting Jackpot

So, if you interested in playing different lottos around the world it is important that you understand more about jackpots. They are what generate all the excitement. Jackpots inspire the headlines as they are what motivate people to play. Once the jackpot is won, instead of starting from zero, it would reset at the starting amount. The amount is saved up because they would otherwise struggle at selling the lottery tickets if the jackpot was not greater than zero.


Odds of Winning the Lottery

The most important question is what are the odds of winning the jackpot? The truth is that the greater the jackpot on offer, the harder it is to win. However, it is vital to note that the odds for winning all other prizes in each lottery are much less. There are some that have odds that are as low as 1 in 10.

However, when you compare South African lotteries to other lotteries in the world, they do not compare to favorably when we look at the jackpot size. For instance, the US Powerball jackpot begins at 200 times more than a South African lotto. Moreover, once it starts, it is known to reach over 600 Billion US Dollars.


Average Winners per Draw

Another important question that you need to know the answer of is the average winners per draw. The odds of winning the lottery prize determine the chances of actually winning the lottery prize. When you look at the number of winners per draw, you get a better look at just how many people actually end up getting lucky. Now, remember it is all relative to the number of tickets which get sold.

Euro Millions provides the most prizes per draw because it serves the entire European continent. Next in line is La Primitiva which also hands out many prizes. Euro Millions is able to offer many prizes due to the great number of tickets that get sold.


Ways to Win

Also referred to as prize divisions, the ways to win are the different combinations which can be matched in order to win the prize. It varies from lotto to lotto. For instance, in SA lotto, people have seven ways to win and the easiest is by matching three balls. The jackpot prize on the other hand requires the matching of all six balls. Having more ways to win does not make it easier to win the lottery. Therefore, you need to understand the lotto and its rules if you want to win. Not all lottos have the same rules. However, the prize money makes all the difference. Try your luck at any of the lottos mentioned in this post.