When it comes to sending and receiving files, there are a ton of file sharing apps these days such as Google Drive and Drop Box to name but a few. There are certain occasions where one has to receive or send a fax. Faxing might seem like a thing of the past, but that could only be further from the truth. It is considered to be an outdated technology. However, many business organizations around the world still rely on fax for conducting business. As the world becomes more technology-driven, there is no need for you to invest in a computer fax modem or a fax machine. Sending faxes online has become the new norm. There are many free online services that allow you to send and receive faxes to your computer.

No more having to head over to the office supply store for sending and receiving faxes. When you the high-tech options that are mentioned in this post, you will never need to worry about using antiquated technology.


What Is An Online Faxing Service?

Chances are that you have already heard about online faxing services. In the simplest of words, they function similar to their analog cousin. They offer a fax number which allows you to utilize the internet for sending and receiving faxes.


Different Options For Sending Faxes Online

If you want to send or receiving fax online, then the following options are just what you need to look into.

  1. Faxjar

When it comes to sending faxes online, Faxjar is the most popular option out there. There are many reasons why one should use Faxjar for their fax online needs. There are zero advertisements when you use Faxjar. You do not have to worry about your fax containing any branding or advertisement from Faxjar. As soon as you have made the payment, your faxes will be sent. Moreover, there is no need for registration. From the moment you start using the website, you can start sending faxes immediately. It is always a good idea to use a premium service to ensure that all your fax online needs are met.

Sending faxes online has never been easier. Furthermore, Faxjar guarantees reliable support. If you have any queries regarding any matter, you can always contact the team and they will promptly respond to your queries. When choosing a fax online service, you need to be sure that the service you use is in fact secure. There are a ton of options and not every option is secure. This is why you need to use a fax online service like Faxjar as it ensures that your information is always securely transmitted. As soon as your fax has been sent, your documents are deleted from the database. Faxjar has a reliable infrastructure, this means that no matter how huge your faxing needs might be, they will always be met.

  1. Fax Zero

Fax Zero is a great service for those of you that have very limited faxing needs. You can fax documents directly from your word files. However, there is limited free offering and the cover page includes ads. Moreover, Fax Zero is only for those of you that want to send faxes online as it does not offer a way for you to receive fax.

If you are looking for a free online fax service, then Fax Zero is your best bet. It allows you to send free fax anywhere in Canada and the United States, as well as different parts of the world. All you need to do in order to send a fax is upload a PDF file or any other document. Moreover, you can also enter text for sending fax. You can only send up to three pages with every fax and only five free faxes a day.

  1. Got Free Fax

There are many benefits of using Got Free Fax. There are no ads or branding that you need to worry about. Got Free Fax offers online fax services according to a reasonable fee structure. Even on the free fax cover pages, there are no ads. You can use Got Free Fax to send online faxes to just about anywhere in Canada and the US. But, you should keep in mind that there is no receiving functionality. Got Free Fax can only be used for sending fax and not for receiving. The service allows you to send about three pages for each fax and only two free faxes are allowed in a day. You can always opt for premium fax service by paying the low fees.

  1. Fax Better Free

If you have low-volume fax needs, then, Fax Better Free is your best bet. It is a consistent service when it comes to quality. Fax Better Free offers document-search and OCR capability. It also provides online storage options. When you use Fax Better Free, you get to take advantage of the dedicated toll-free tax number. It allows you to receive about 50 pages a month. Moreover, it also provides email notifications each time you get a fax. Fax Better Free allows you to save about a thousand pages on the site and you can easily access the faxes online. Keep in mind that Fax Better Free only lets you use the service for free during its 30-day trial period after which you need to pay in order to continue using the service. There are also ads when you use the service for free.

Fax Better Free is a great service for sending and receiving many faxes in a wide range of formats. There are a ton of flexible plans offered which are affordable and excellent. By opting for a plan, you get to take advantage of no advertising, searchable fax notification, and unlimited fax storage.


As the world becomes increasingly digital, sending and receiving faxes online is only about to get a lot easier. Use any of the online fax services mentioned in this post to meet your requirements.