In recent times, people around the world have suffered from great hardship. With countless wars erupting in the Middle East and Africa, as well as the war on drugs, there has been a rise in orphans. One of the remnants of war and drugs are kids who do not have parents to take care of them. There are many women, especially young mothers who have no choice but to give up their child as they simply cannot afford to raise the child on their own. These orphaned kids require the help of others in order to survive. Malnutrition is a serious issue in Africa and countries like India and Bangladesh. A single donation goes a long way. This is why everyone has a responsibility to help out in any way possible. Hence, many nonprofit organizations around the globe are working towards ensuring that no child starves. Orphans are not able to get the essentials of living. Many of them do not have access to school. Moreover, many orphans that do go to school struggle terribly due to teachers who are poorly-trained and overcrowded classrooms

Orphans do not get to eat a sufficient amount of nutritious food in order to grow up strong and healthy. Basics such as medicine, school books, and school uniform are not available for them. Hence, the only source of a means of livelihood for these young children is through sponsorship for sponsors around the world. Anyone can play a part to improve the lives of orphans. You do not have to adopt an orphan in order to help. If you want to play a part in helping raise an orphan through sponsorship, then it is important that you learn about the different ways to sponsor an orphan. Ever since the Second World War, there has been a rise in the number of orphans throughout the world. Epidemics like Ebola have also led to famines and extreme poverty. There are various ways that one can sponsor an orphan. Read on to find out which way suits you best.

  1. Comprehensive Sponsorship

One of the most common ways to sponsor an orphan is by comprehensive sponsorship. It also guarantees the best for the kids. In comprehensive sponsorship, you can choose an orphan or more for complete sponsorship. It guarantees each child with individualized care, from hygiene/ health to nutrition as well as studying. There are two payment options in comprehensive sponsorship. You can either pay directly to the bank account of the nonprofit every month or you can make a one-time donation. Donors get to decide how they would like to donate. A one-time donation also goes a long way in providing an orphan with the care that he or she deserves. Some of the things covered by comprehensive sponsorship include urgent medical care, school education, personal mentorship, warm clothing, graduation advice, and orphanage repairs. The young children also given the hygiene support that they need to live a healthy life. Because orphans are the most prone to child trafficking and prostitution, every donation counts.  Federal law defines sex trafficking as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act”.

  1. Religious Sponsorship

There are different ways to sponsor an orphan and religious sponsorship is a popular option, especially in the United States. Orphans are taught the Gospel and how to live a life according to religion. There are plenty of prayer partner options that are available. If you want an orphan to live a life according to your religion, then you can donate to a religious nonprofit to ensure that the child is taught the religion of your choice. There are plenty of religious nonprofits like missionary organizations where you can donate to ensure that the word of God is spread.

  1. Donate Your Belongings

Besides just donating your money to nonprofit organizations that look after orphans, you also have the option to donate your belongings. Furniture, clothes, books, and other items that you do not need can be donated to the nonprofit. It is a great way to sponsor an orphan. Anything that is not in use by you can be donated to the organization in order for the orphans to have books to read, clothes to wear, and furniture to use. Moreover, it is important that you ask around before you donate to a nonprofit organization. There are some organizations that really need such items so as to provide the orphans with an environment where they can thrive and grow.

Why You Should Sponsor an Orphan Through a Nonprofit Organization/ Charity?

When you donate to a nonprofit organization, you provide an orphan with hope for a better life. By sponsoring a child, you form a relationship with that child through donations, providing birthday gifts, writing a letter, and prayer. A monthly financial support payment offers the nonprofit organization with the funds needed to provide orphans with the emotional, material, and spiritual support needed to thrive. Hope Now USA is a great organization that is dedicated to providing orphans with the support they require to succeed in life. The organization ensures that your donations and gifts are provided to the child. You can even send pictures of yourself and write a letter to the orphan in order to form a bond with him or her. Some nonprofits even provide you with the opportunity to participate at summer camp and sponsor events. It provides you with a platform to meet the child for the very first time and in person.

Why Hope Now USA?

There is a reason why donors choose Hope Now USA when it comes to sponsoring an orphan. The organization has worked tirelessly to create a relationship with donors through the years. It ensures that orphans aged 6 to 16 are provided with adequate housing and education. The children at Hope Now USA are some of the brightest. They come from a wide range of backgrounds. It is only through your donations that the kids are given an opportunity to create a future that they deserve. Each donation plays a huge role.