Do you ever feel the need to perform company-wide email or get a new deal to your clients quickly and efficiently? We all do.

For those who are not aware of this email marketing application, Sendy, here’s a brief introduction.

The following article will also mention a detailed account of a popular sendy hosting website called Sendybay.

So let’s get started.


What is Sendy?

Sendy is a leading application in self-hosted email campaign management. This software controls quick delivery of emails and protects the security system to ensure that all your emails and the customer’s emails are well secured.

Moreover, sendy integrated with Amazon SES makes a great combination and provides optimum ease such that the emails you wish to send out in bulk are received by each and every person just like you wished. Amazon SES is a gateway of the cloud. It presents its users with email sending services that are available at reasonable prices as compared to other competitors in the market such as Mandrill, Sendgrid, Maligun, etc.

However, sendy hosting can be laborious at times and if you are not braced with enough expertise in the field, technical problems can cost you a financial loss.

That’s why Sendybay brings you its services that provide managed hosting for Sendy.


What is Sendybay?

This company was launched in April 2019 and is brought to you by Moses Technologies. Inc. Registered in the US, the team is based out of San Francisco, London and New Delhi.

Sendybay is a powerful email marketing tool that reduces the cost of email marketing and management by 100x.


Features offered by Sendy

For just $59, Sendy offers hosts of features that will aid you in getting that ROI on your email marketing efforts.

●     Speedy delivery of Newsletters

We all like to keep our lists clean. Sendy can come in handy for handling out-of-the box bounce, complaints and unsubscribed deliveries. Your subscriber list is actively pruned for any emails that are not relevant and campaigns and emails are only sent to verified subscribers.

●     Amazon’s world class infra

As mentioned before, Amazon and Sendy are working together to promote a world class email infrastructure to take technology to the next step. Amazon SES provides productive deliverability advantages as your user base becomes better.

●     Custom domains

This feature makes you prominent amongst other candidates as it increases your brand recognition with your subscribers by using your own domain for traceable links and the web version of the email. Brand acknowledgement increases a company’s credibility and lowers the rate of complaints by customers. It also boosts the conversion of email marketing campaigns.

●     Third parties integration and Zapier

All social media managers would know that Sendy has a rich and active developer ecosystem. This allows you to collaborate with many popular apps like WordPress and Magento, important for content writing. Sendy is also found to be in collaboration with Zapier which is an automation service that enables you to enjoy Sendy along with 1000+ apps in Zapier’s app.

  • List Segmentation
  • Autoresponders
  • Sending emails with attachment
  • List and subscribers management
  • Single or double opt-in and opt-out
  • White labeled client accounts
  • Custom fields
  • Blacklist
  • Include or exclude lists to send
  • Adjust sending rate
  • Supports ALL Amazon SES region
  • Use personalization tags
  • GDPR features only available on Sendy
  • Fast-multi threaded sendings


What you can get at Sendybay?

1.   Drag and drop builder

Designing newsletters has never been undemanding. Sendybay fully integrates email builders in Sendy and you are saved from the hassle of copy pasting HTML from another tool. All you have to do is simply drag and drop without focusing on the technical bit. They have a variety of designs.

2.   Mobile friendly

You can now add personal touches to your email. We are sure your subscribers receive tons of emails everyday. What you need to do is,  insert your subscriber’s name, location or a variety of other elements to make your connection unique.

3.   Make your own newsletter templates

Sendybay also gives you a chance to make your own newsletter template instead of opting out for their prebuilt newsletter templates. Apart from that, you can also build your collection of personal designs and reuse them for upcoming campaigns.

4.   Compatibility with all devices

Emails made by Drag and Drop builder bar are super responsive and you can preview it as to what it would look like from the phone.

5.  Templates bundles for free

Sendybay makes use of Bee’s powerful Drag and Drop email builder to provide 241 free templates which can be used for all occasions. Ranging from CVs, notes, journals, list making, brochure to leaflets, research paper, APA style paper, cover letter, etc.


Sendybay Security

Sendybay offers reliable, fast and secure sendy hosting. It offers high performance servers to cater to your hosting needs. Their expert team of engineers is constantly monitoring uptime and making sure that all features are working smoothly.

A user need not worry about CRONs slowing down or websites loading at a slow pace. Sendybay hosting is stable and speedy. Their servers are specially customized for ensuring a secure set up. They provide free SSL certifiable for all hosted domains. They have added tailored encryption to secure critical and sensitive information. One of these is the Amazon SES keys. It should be noticed that Sendybay never stores the original keys in the DB. An encrypted value is stored instead which can only be accessed when sending campaigns.

Moreover, your database is backed up regularly by the company without having to worry about your data. The backups are encrypted and stored in Amazon S3. You can get the newest copy of DB from the dashboard. Everytime Sendy releases a new version, your sendy installation is automatically upgraded.


So don’t wait up! Head to their website today and contact them via email to be Es by the team of professionals. You can also contact them directly through their website. We would advise you to take help from Sendybay so you can manage your emails in a more managed and controlled way.