Way back in 2014, a group of industry experts and academics put their heads together to solve one of businesses most annoying problems; why do so many projects fail. Recent studies have shown that across all business sectors, only around 30% of projects successfully attain their goals; the rest are either abandoned or fail.

With so many varied projects all failing, the team realised there must be a cause which, if addressed, would allow any team working on any projects in any sector to reach success. The team analysed both successful and failed projects to identify factors and practices that led to success and find and weed out those that led to project failure.

Half Double Institute, a Danish nonprofit organization was formed to teach and provide resources for entrepreneurs who want their business idea to become successful. Project Half double is an educational curriculum that teaches the key ingredients needed in order to create great brands with long-lasting success rates.

The Half Double Institute was a success from the beginning, with their new methodology having an 87% success rate and 69% better performance when compared to other methods. The team is looking forward to sharing what they’ve learned so that others can learn too!


Teaching the Half Double methodology to others

And so, the Half Double institute now offers training courses and resources to help other businesses adopt a new way of thinking. The movement is growing as they work with consulting agencies for comprehensive support in their quest towards sustainable change management practices that will benefit all parties involved – especially those who are looking forward rather than backward!

The Half Double institute places focus on three core principles: Impact, Flow, and Leadership. By showing others how to incorporate these principles into work processes, the Half Double method can be fully customized and adapted. The Half Double method does not involve teaching set structures and processes to replace existing ones. Instead, it focuses on the three fundamental principles which can be adapted. By changing the way you think, the Half Double method encourages you to be open to new ways of doing things that fit your company’s style and culture. The reason behind the Half Double name? They create double the impact in half the time.

Half Double appreciates that every business and project is unique, so it needs a bespoke approach. By placing focus on talented people who can teach new ways of thinking for different projects, Half Double ensures each one has their own specific plan tailored specifically to them with innovative solutions based on reality instead of traditional methods or templates like others might use out there. This way you won’t end up spending more time trying hard at something than necessary because your input mattered!


A flexible framework

The Half Double approach is about connecting with your employees and finding processes that work well together instead of trying to fit everyone into outdated systems. This way, you can maximize the talent in your business while making it more enjoyable for all involved!

Keeping on task with your team is important, but what about the impact of that work? Half Double suggests one way to do it: help them see how their projects will positively affect the company. When tasks are completed in checklist style, they feel like it’s necessary rather than looking for ways to add more value and business success!


Theory vs. reality

The Half Double Institute has been working with new businesses and partners to gather more knowledge, improve their teachings, and further develop their methodology. The world of business is always changing which means that the way we think about things should also be evolving as well!

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