In-home, non-medical home care service is one of the most important health services out there. It includes a wide range of health care services which are provided at your home for an injury, illness or more. Home care Denver is one of the most affordable and convenient services out there. It includes more than just care after surgery, dental procedures, dialyses, for the disabled and blind, and there are many other type of services offered. It is just as effective as the care which one might receive from a skilled nursing facility or at a hospital.


What Is In-Home Non-Medical Home Care?

In-home non-medical home care is also known as custodial care in some of the states and is a service which helps those that need assistance with daily living activities so as to continue living their life from the comfort of their home.

Now, home care is a model where both informal support networks like friends, neighbors, and family, and professional support are included. It is a type of care which is normally not covered by Medicare. Usually, in-home non medical home care refers to in-home assistance with daily activities such as companionship, transportation, management of medication, transferring, using the restroom, cooking meals, light housekeeping, dressing and bathing.

There are some service providers that offer both types of services. Keep in mind that Medicare does not cover in-home non-medical home care, even when it is the same agency that provides it or the same individual.


For the Elderly

One of the main reasons why non-medical home care is extremely important is due to the fact that services are provided for the elderly. Dedicated caretakers will look after your parents, grandparents or any old relatives, so that you don’t have to. You can continue on with your job, while the caretaker provides the best care for your loved ones. Whenever the service is needed, Home care Denver is just a call away. Make your life much more meaningful, comfortable and easy. A client-centered approach is followed to ensure that the needs of the elderly are perfectly met. The elderly are entitled to choose their own caregiver. Seniors can spend their time being looked after by excellent caretaker. There is a reason why in-home, non-medical home care services have become so huge these days.


Types of Services

There are different types of services that are offered. These include mobility training for those that have mobility impaired issues, IV therapy and injections, pain management, wound care and occupational therapy.

Although, home care is usually covered by Medicare, it would not cover all of the home health care costs such as for medications that are administered at home, and even for other services that fall under non-medical home care services. Besides, there are chances of an overlap in services.


Home Bound Individuals

The best thing about non-medical home care services is the fact that they are perfect for home bound individuals and for those that have mobility issues and use a wheelchair or any other mobility device. Home bound individuals are those individuals that cannot leave their home to see a doctor, nurse or receiver any other necessary non-medical care.


Things to Consider

According to, care for seniors and home bound individuals has truly evolved from when it used to be restricted to nursing homes and hospitals. There are various factors which need to be considered when making the decision of hiring in-home non-medical home care service. Some of the things to consider are as follows.

  • Majority of individuals prefer staying at home.
  • Most of the individuals believe that they would live in their current home and want to continue living in their home and not at a nursing home.
  • Some type of care would be needed in the future.
  • The base of family support is expected to shrink.
  • The average distance from family members.

Health care is not just about medically necessary services. It involves home caregivers that provide mental stimulation, companionship and many other services. Private-pay home care is an innovative solution which successfully fills the gaps that are found in the traditional health care model. Home care provides services that offer flexibility and availability to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals.


Reducing Costs and Improving Outcomes

One of the main advantages of home care is the fact that it can significantly improve the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals and not just seniors. Preventing falls, ensuring compliance to medication, nutrition, physician visits, personal hygiene and therapy compliance help reduce the overall health care costs. They are proven strategies that offer effective results.

Compliant seniors tend to be hospitalized less, require less visits to the emergency department and the physician’s office. Home care services make use of the latest technologies such as pill reminders, fall detectors, activity monitors and much more to ensure seniors and other individuals remain healthy while they stay at home and age. It saves a lot of money in the process. Besides, the following estimates will provide you with an idea of care services.

  • Compared to a median cost of in-home care service for 44 hours that costs $45,000, private room at a nursing home costs more than double at $91,250 approximately.
  • As for median costs for a semi-private room at nursing home, it can easily cost you around $80,300.
  • There are also options for assisted-living facility which cost $43,200 but would require having to move the individual out of their home which might not be the best solution.



It is due to the above that in-home non-medical home care services are your best bet. Besides, many individuals even have long term care policies which offer coverage for in-home care. Insurance plans might pay directly for these services, while others would reimburse the policyholder.

Military veterans on the other hand can take advantage of VA Aid and Attendance. Maximum flexibility for scheduling is offered by most in-home care companies such as Home care Denver as it is the best choice for the region.