The Importance of Proxies to Protect Your Privacy

The average person does not really care about whether their server is protected or not. Very few have actual knowledge of what a proxy is, or how important it is. So, to clear things up and introduce you to a world of privacy, this article will tell you precisely what a proxy is and how it will help you protect your privacy.

  • It Protects Your IP

Think about your IP address as the home address of your personal computer. Just like anyone can know where you live based on the physical address that you have, anyone can find out where you are based by checking out your IP. However, a proxy will take your traffic and reroute it through another server. This way, your tracks will pretty much leave a “fake address” for other people to see – and your own IP will be nice and hidden. Let’s say that some websites such as YouTube restrict content based on your location, you can use a YouTube proxy to bypass country-specific restrictions.

  • It Improves Server Security

You may be working for a big company, or you may have crucial data on your computer, In this case, you would always worry about any potential hackers snooping around in your computer. Data breaches can be very costly, in regard to both public image and money – and a proxy server can help prevent any of that from happening.

  • It Allows You to Carry Tasks Anonymously

Proxies are perhaps mostly known for their ability to make web traffic anonymous. Therefore, if you have any sensitive task on your hands and you do not want anyone else to see or realize what you are working on, then a proxy can help you make your web traffic anonymous. For example, if you are a reporter or a security officer that is handling crucial information over email, a gmail proxy can keep all of your data protected.

  • It Balances Your Traffic

Most of the time, when a server crashes and a website stops working, it’s because the traffic makes everything go haywire and the server is no longer able to keep up with the stored data. Data is lost, and your privacy might also have to suffer from it.

This will cause the website or platform to crash – which can be rather inconvenient if you are a business. This might actually cause you to lose clients. However, a proxy server will balance the traffic so that no more similar crashes occur.

  • It Prevents Personal Data Collection

Remember that time you visited an online store or looked up an article about a particular product – and then the next day you realize that you received advertisements on it? This is because the Internet can collect that data to send you spam messages – whose accuracy might at some point actually get quite concerning. Proxies will prevent browsers from collecting data about you or your company without your knowledge – and you will only receive suggestions if you yourself subscribe to these types of news.


The Bottom Line

Proxies are kind of “invisibility cloaks” that you need to keep your activity private. They keep your data safe from being collected, they prevent outsiders from tracking you – and overall, they will allow you to browse without anyone else snooping around. You just have to buy the right proxies, with all the necessary features, to ensure that you are properly covered when “surfing” the Internet.