The billfold – Money clip (Geldklammer) is the ideal accessory for people who have to manage huge sums of money such as those people who frequent clubs or work in a profession where it is important to carry huge sums of money such as car dealers or agents specializing in the trade.


The Ultimate Accessory

There is a reason why billfold – money clip is considered the ultimate accessory. The money clip is known to provide to people who carry lots of bills with them. The money clip acts as the ultimate accessory, with so many options to choose from on Geldclip, there is an option which is perfect you.

The options are simple and elegant. You will look sophisticated placing the banknotes in the money clip. If you are looking for something different and are tired of carrying your old fashioned wallet or purse to places and want to stress-free when it comes to the cash then you need to get your hands on the latest billfold- money clip.



Ditch your Wallet

Ditch your wallet and carry something which is easy to fit in your front pocket. The latest designs of jeans and pants have a small front pocket which makes it difficult for your wallet to fit in them, and that is why you need to get a money clip to place your money.

People are starting to stop using wallets to place their money and are increasingly considering getting a money clip for their money. A wallet is heavy and is unsafe as compared to the money clip.

The money clips of today have become more than just a staple but a necessity. They have various features in line with the growing changes in the world. People need something simple which will take care of their money.

There are many beautiful and sleep options to choose from.



Multiple Purposes

The money clip has multiple purposes; it acts as your billfold or money holder and is the perfect accessory to place your credit cards, debit cards or ID cards. The materials used in the money clip are of the best quality and are durable meaning that the money clips will a long time.

It isn’t necessary for someone to have huge sums of cash to get a money clip, anyone who has many bills whether big or small needs to get a money clip in order to ensure all the bills are nicely kept in one place.

The design of the money clip ensures that the money is united which is something that makes it easier for individuals to count their money since it is together in one place.

You don’t necessarily need a reason or purpose to get the money clip because it is about time that you tried something that was suitable.



Elegant Options

There are many beautiful and elegant options to choose from made by Geldklammer.


I-CLIP Wallet

The wallet is made in Germany which means that it is of superb quality. The I-Clip wallet can fill up to 12 cards and lots of bills in it. The wallet is ultralight and has permanently elastic high-tech plastic. The size of the wallet is ideal as it is hardly bigger than a credit card. The material is chrome-free leather.

It is one of the best options out there for you and is a great gift for your partner or friends and one of the most appreciated Corporate Gifts Singapore. It is time to give something new a try.


An Economical Option

The money clip doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive as there are many economical options to choose from. It is important for you to give the money clip a try and you will understand why people are starting ditch wallets in place of money clips.

The money clips are durable and will probably last you a long time. This means that your costs will be reduced as the product will be there for a while.

It is a reasonable gift for friends and family, especially ones who frequent casinos or those who are in a profession where huge sums of money are involved.



A New Era of the Money clip

Since the advent of the money clip, a large amount of people have started using money clips instead of wallets. It might even be possible for a revolution to take off where people only get money clips and clothes are designed with the money clip in mind.

The versatility of the money clip is unparallel as the latest billfold- money clip even has magic tricks incorporated into designs such as the JAIMIE JACOBS Flap Boy Slim which comes in a beautiful design that is small and thin, the perfect accessory.

You will look sexy when you carry the JAIMIE JACOBS Flap Boy Slim wherever you go. It is the perfect companion for your date and dinner night.

When one goes to the club, once times they will drunk enough to not be able to understand what a wallet is which is why the money clip will keep the money intact.



Sustainable Options

The money clips of today are sustainable and are made with the environmental impact in mind and have the least environmental impact, meaning a millennial will finally get a wallet replacement. The materials used in the money clip are eco-friendly and have the lowest environmental impact.

It is important for companies to provide options which keep the current situation of the world in mind and produce goods which meet the demands of today.



Made of Various Materials

Are you tired of the same wallet options such as leather and metal, then you should try the money clip which is made in different types of wood such as cherry wood, recycled paper, stones and metal. Companies are trying to provide options for everyone.

No matter what material you may be looking for, you can expect that the money clip will be made in that material.

The money clip is the accessory of the future. As the world becomes increasingly card friendly, an accessory to store the cards is necessary.