If you are looking for NBA Stats then you’ve come to the right place. Basketball isn’t just a sport but it is rather a religion for many of us who spend our time glued to the screen to know the latest updates about our favorite teams and players.

Basketball is the best game that has been made by humans. Every season has its ups and downs, misses and goals. The fans need to know the latest NBA stats to ensure that their team is still in it to win it. If you are up to date on NBA stats you can not only lead a more informed conversation but also make a better sports bet if you are in to it.

The latest season has been wild with Pascal and DeMar making a huge name for them. Crowds of fans have been cheering for their favorite teams. Staying updated with the latest NBA stats is important for fans. Here are the latest stats in a break up to help you stay updated with the best game that there is.

Atlantis Hawks vs. Toronto Raptors

The game was wild with scores of 101 and 119. The Atlantis Hawks showed great effort to supersede the Toronto Raptors, however, the Toronto Raptors just knew how to take advantage of their players and showed great sportsmanship.

The game was a smashing success. Both teams showed a great performance. The Atlantis Hawks have great potential and it is believed that they might outperform later on in the season. Pascal Siakam was truly the man of the hour as he managed to score many hoops and the fans were going wild by his performance.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. San Antonio Spurs

As was witnessed, the game was at a great start, especially for San Antonio Spurs but Portland Trailer Blazers truly caught on and showed a spectacular performance. The game was well played by both teams. With the scores reaching at 127 for Portland Trailer Blazers and 118 for San Antonio Spurs, Portland Trail Blazers truly showed their competence in the sport by scoring 39 in 2Qs which really helped them win.

DeMar was in full spirit and didn’t slow down. He was truly on fire. His opponents were unmatched for his skills.

Boston Celtics vs. L.A. Lakers

The game couldn’t have been more fun to watch. Everyone was in high spirits during the match. The game was as closed as it could ever be, it was gut wrenching. With scores of 128 and 129, L.A. Lakers truly outperformed by just a bit more effort.   The teams were head to head in what we can call as one of the best games of the season.

The audience could not make out who would until the very end, when L.A. Lakers won through a sizeable score. LeBrown James was the man of the match and he helped his team. A great game to watch with your friends and family if you missed it, then watch it now.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzles

There is a reason why Oklahoma City Thunder calls themselves as Thunder and during the match it could easily be seen. The team truly brought their thunder at the game and won by 22 more points which is a huge victory for the team. The scores were 117 and 95, and Memphis Grizzles were trying very hard to outperform their rivals, especially in terms of team play. However, Oklahoma City Thunders were prepared to win, they truly had a game plan in mind and they stuck with it.

The strategy used by Oklahoma City Thunder should be used for future games by teams as the offence was strong. They continued to lead throughout the game and fans were going crazy with joy.

A remarkable game, and one fans need to watch. Oklahoma City Thunder is a team to watch out for. Their 4Qs were 34 as compared to Memphis Grizzles’ 23. It helped them catapult as the winner.

Fans are waiting to watch the next game by Oklahoma City Thunder and have been showing their support through tweets. The match was undeniably in their hands and the team kept up.

Paul George was a stunner. He led the team to perform so well. Paul is a star and let everyone know that when he played the game.

Indiana Pacers vs. L.A. Clippers

Another remarkable game which was fought from the beginning onwards, both teams were in full spirit to win and their performance showed that. The scores were 116 and 92. Indiana Pacers performed triumphantly and won by more than 20 points which is a phenomenal job by the team.

Indiana Pacers had a great strategy in place and kept the offence. L.A. Clippers tried to even the score, but Indiana Pacers just wouldn’t let them. The game was one to watch for fans and peers alike.

The Indiana Pacers showed magic in the court. Bojan Bogdanovic was a star performer. He showed L.A. Clippers all that he is made of and players could sense his skills at the court. He has shown great dedication to his team and is a great team player.

The team really had their 2Qs cut out for them as they managed to score 35 in this alone which truly helped them win.

Orlando Magic vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

As the name suggests it Orlando Magic showed magic in the court by showing Minnesota that their team is all about well coordination and determination. Orlando Magic kept their game up and Minnesota Timberwolves could not keep up with them.

The scores were 122 and 112. Orlando Magic outperformed in 2Qs just like Indiana Pacers and used that to their advantage to win the match. Terrence Ross was a sensation and he made the Minnesota Timberwolves run for their money.

It was a match to watch, and if you haven’t watched it yet, then you better watch it now.

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