Channel letters have been in the marketplace from a long time. However, they have evolved with time on a fast pace. We have now a much wider range to choose from and to select exactly which type will go best with respect to our need. Whether you own a restaurant, a mall, night club or any other such commercial place where channel letters are not just a luxury but need, you have to decide which type will go best with your needs. Speaking of types, we do have a number of different types available in which we further have classifications on the basis of size, color, font and other such specificities. Today, we will pick the most referred ones and discuss exactly how they are beneficial for any business. These two are generally known as front-lit and reverse lit channel letters. If you need to know more about the details before we jump into the advantages, the specifications for each are found here by channel letter experts at Front Signs (LA-based leading sign maker). So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of specifically these two types of channel letters:

  1. They can cater your needs:

While it is obvious that they are there to give a certain advantage, it is still a possibility that the advantage comes with a number of restrictions. For example, it can be interpreted that since the signs are in 3D shape, there might be a very restricted amount of fonts available in which you can have your channel letters. The good news is that it is not the case! Yes, it is true that they are three dimensional but they are flexible enough to cater various fonts and sizes so you don’t have to worry about that. Additionally, it is not just the font that you can be open with, the same goes for size, color, style, graphic design or any other minute detail. You can easily choose from a series of options or customize and tailor the already present options according to your own needs. Especially with front-lit and reverse lit channel letters, playing with font sizes and styles a bit can be really helpful for the end result.

  1. Cost effective:

Most people may think that since it has such variations and options, it may not fit in your budget, but it is not the case. If you are running a business, no matter of what industry, getting channel letters will always be cost effective. The rationale behind it is not just the affordable price, which is for sure one of the main reasons. The other big use of this is that when you have them outside, you attract public on a regular basis without any marketing technique. Even a passerby would be attracted to you restaurant if you have an attractive sign outside. For example, with reverse lit channel letters, you have this halo affect which enhances the light and attract customers during night. If this is not enough, let’s take a look at the third way of describing why exactly is it a cost effective way; LED lights. Many companies who specialize in channel letters provide their services by fixing LED lights in it. What this does is that it reduces the overall expense which can take place over the period of time on channel letters, because LED lights are a one-time expense. Hence, there won’t be a need to fix or change the lights every now and then and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on it every once in a while.

  1. It provides the perfect environment:

Now, this one might confuse you since we have been talking about the outside channel letters for quite a while now, and they certainly do not provide a perfect environment that we are referring here at least. The thing that is being talked about here is the indoor channel letter and how it is equally important. One may think that the outside one makes much more sense as it is visible to the customers and that it attracts a larger audience, but what is the use of channel letter inside? I mean once they have entered your arena, why bother afterwards? Well, this is something we all need to be careful about; you don’t want to just attract customers, you want them to stay, and you want them to remember you so that they would eventually recommend you and come back. This can only happen when along with your services, your environment is also worth remembering. Channel letters inside, specifically the reverse lit ones are one of the best ways to do so. They will not only present a great look but will also end up sticking a permanent picture of your brand’s name in your customer’s heads with those halo lights.

  1. Durability:

You know how when you get something at a reasonable price, you are at times worried about the quality? Whether you got it at a cheap rate because it won’t last enough or whether you actually made a good deal for something which can be guaranteed upon? Questions like these always exist and haunt us when we are trying to make a decision. Well, with channel letters, you can sit back and relax about their quality. They are mostly made with aluminum and so are light in weight and so easier to be worked with. Apart from that, their durability can be checked by the fact that they cans survive all weather conditions; from a sunny day, to rain, to having a windy day, these channel letters won’t give up. Hence, the need is for you and me to learn from them and never give up, neither on them nor in life!

We hope that these advantages would have given you a detailed look and made you realize how channel letters of perfect type and light can change your sales rapidly!