We have decided to take  a more in-depth and advanced look at the types of changes within this sector, for both research purposes as well as from a consumer perspective.

If you are a novice within the mobile phone and mobile games sector, we recommend our readers read up on the basic facts, please review the BBC Bite Size Mobile Resources for a simple understanding of mobile applications in general. If you are feeling confident already, then why not take up a master class with the Google Research website, this offers a fantastic insight within the mobile technology field.


Mobile Technology Changes

The Sales outlook for Electronic Arts was reduced in January 2014, due to the reduction in consumer demand relating to older game titles. The knock on effect of continuing aggressively within this sector, would eat away at the profits from the games and mobile related products of the more popular games.

Other game providers such as the Norwegian Vegas Casino, Spin Genie and Casino Boss have proactively ensured all of their games work on all devices. This includes all types of tablet, mobile phone and computers.

Some of the success stories for EA within the mobile digital arena, come from games such as Madden NFL, The Simpsons as well as other Marvel branded titles. The additional games, that are probably better known globally are FIFA and Battlefield, these all contributed in ensuring the success of the outlook for 2018 -2019. Other developments that we Tip for success in the next 12 Month period for EA Sports, would be the Star Wars related game developments. Although this is just a rumour, we understand that EA have been in talks with Walt Disney, who control the license.


New Mobile Games Developments:

There have been various new comers to the mobile games market, one In particular is Nektan, a well known and established game developer.  They have developed a mobile games casino, that is only accessible to smartphone and tablet users, more details can be located on .

Creating a website that is only for mobile users and players, is a new concept within the mobile casino Industry, and one which we tip to be a success for 2014 and beyond. The selection of games is quite comprehensive and is set to expand, as Nektan have there own internal mobile game developers, who appear to be creating an array of mobile friendly games.

It is no secret within the Games Industry that Sales on the traditional console games has dropped, due to the development of tablet devices as well as the new generation of smartphones. There have been reports in 2014 that some of the leading game developers have seen some games struggle to sell within the mobile market place, more details can be found on The Guardian Mobile Games News website, and relates to the EA Sports Mobile Vs the EA Sports Console Games.

In short Mobile devices are becoming more socially acceptable now than they ever have been, especially with the older generations, who simply have to stay tuned in to these communication tools. I guess terms such as “Conflict Of Change” will become a thing of the past within the mobile device market place, and will more than likely Evolve to “Embracing Change”.

The mobile games market will undoubtedly evolve to the needs of the consumer as well as the demands of the large corporations that build them. We expect these types of devices, as well as the games and apps, to get Faster, Quicker and Cheaper, let’s just hope that the research and development teams keep up with this new technology evolution.