It’s no surprise that Columbia is considered as one of America’s most haunted cities, given its rich past. Ghost stories and haunted sites abound in this town with such a complicated and often dark background. Do we have spirits among us in Columbia, South Carolina? Whether you believe in ghosts or not, have a look at our list of sites where you’re most likely to see one. 

Elmwood Cemetery

The grounds, which were founded in 1845 and were once considered the most elegant and fashionable location to be laid to rest in Columbia, now host almost 25,000 persons buried across less than 125 acres. Elmwood was designated one of the “Spookiest Cemeteries in the United States” by Fox News in 2014, and Historic Columbia frequently gives tours of the grounds. 

South Carolina State Museum

Bubba was a former textile mill worker who was believed to have perished in a workplace accident. He can now be located on the fourth floor, frequently stepping into the elevator. Bubba has been observed as either a completely formed person (before walking down the corridor and disappearing through a solid wall) or as a pair of ethereal legs and boots protruding out of the darkness.

Adluh Flour Mill

It’s also still home to Jerome Busbee, a former long-term employee who passed away but didn’t pass on. Busbee’s soul, rumored to have practiced voodoo, is said to remain nailed to his old work cart, which has proven impossible to dislodge to this day. Over the years, many personnel have attempted to move the cart, including a frustrated boss who only succeeded in tipping it over. The cart is still lying on its side in the warehouse, fixed to the same location for all eternity.

Despite these haunted places in Columbia, there is a lot to love about South Carolina. Columbia is a great little city with a lot of perks that are sometimes neglected but absolutely worth a look. During the winter, you may have brief cold spells, but days where the temperature does not rise above freezing or prolonged cold are uncommon. 

Columbia is less expensive than the state as a whole. Columbia houses for sale are less expensive than the national average. Columbia’s median age is 28, and many residents are in their early twenties. From the clubs in Five Points to athletic events to vintage shops and galleries, the youthful exuberance can be felt everywhere.