The Most Magical 7 Rides at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Are you looking for the best rides in Disney’s Magic Kingdom? Look no further! We have compiled a list of our favorite rides that should not be missed when visiting the park. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or looking for something more family-friendly, you will find something that is perfect for your crew. Let’s take a look at the top 7 rides to check out on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom!


The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
This family-friendly roller coaster takes riders on a journey through the mines of Snow White and her seven dwarves. With gentle turns, thrilling drops, and beautiful scenery, this ride is sure to please both kids and adults alike. The line is usually shorter than some other popular attractions so you can get back to exploring quickly.


Space Mountain
This classic indoor coaster has been thrilling guests since 1975 and it remains one of the most popular attractions today! Brave riders board their rocket ship and zip around in darkness at speeds up to 30 miles per hour while being surrounded by special effects like stars and planets. It’s definitely not one to miss!


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
If you love roller coasters then you have to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This wild ride takes guests on an incredible journey through mountain caves, waterfalls, and an abandoned mining town with unexpected thrills along the way! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for hidden surprises throughout your journey.


Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain is a fun log flume ride through the world of Brer Rabbit and his friends with exciting twists and turns leading up to its 50 foot drop into a briar patch filled with laughter (and water)! You may want to bring along a poncho if you plan on riding this one during hot summer days as it gets pretty wet inside those logs!


Pirates of the Caribbean

Not only is Pirates of the Caribbean an iconic movie franchise, but it also offers up one of the most beloved rides in all of Disney World. Take a leisurely boat cruise through an underground pirate hideout full of treasures, mermaids, cannons, skeletons, and more – all accompanied by that familiar swashbuckling theme song! Don’t forget to look closely; you never know what surprises await around each corner.


Haunted Mansion

What kind of list would this be without including one of Disney World’s signature spooky attractions? Experience eerie music as your “doom buggy” transports you through dark hallways full of ghosts, ghouls, talking portraits & much more! If you’re brave enough make sure not too miss Madame Leota who will give her famous fortune-telling performance right before your eyes.


It’s A Small World

Last but certainly not least we have It’s A Small World—the timeless classic attraction that has taken countless generations on an international tour featuring singing dolls from all over the world! Get ready to sing along as they serenade us with their catchy tune throughout our voyage across rivers & seas from continent to continent.



Are you planning on visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom soon? Make sure these 7 best Magic Kingdom rides are at the top of your list so that you don’t miss out on any magical experiences during your stay! From family-friendly attractions like The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train & It’s A Small World to thrilling adventures like Space Mountain & Haunted Mansion there is something for everyone here at Disney’s Magic Kingdom! So grab those mouse ears and get ready for some serious fun—it’s time for adventure awaits!