If you have been concerned about any leaks in your roof, mild breakages, damaged felts or broken chimneys then you’d be glad to know that with some help from the divine intervention you have landed at the right place. Let me introduce you to one of the best roofers in Coventry !

Coventry Roofers have been providing impeccable service in your neighborhood for quite a while now. Their exceptionally trained staff and team of professional roofers provide efficient yet highly meticulous roof repairs.

But before you give them a phone call you first need to identify the problem at hand. So for your convenience, here are some signs your roof needs to be repaired.

Signs your roof needs to be repaired:

Curled, Cracked or absent Shingles/Tiles:

If you have been noticing any curled, broken or partially absent shingles on your roof. Then it is a clear sign that you need to have the roofers on speed dial because the absence of shingles or broken shingles can lead to leakages under various weather conditions. Other than that if the shingles are unable to keep the moisture out, then you should know that they’re no longer doing their job and need a replacement. You can identify a problem with tiles if they appear to be dark, dirty and wet.

Tiles shards in drainage:

If you have been noticing any tiny granules of tiles or roof shingles than it should be a sign for you to call your local roofers. Over time the tiles that are usually composed of asphalt start tearing out. This calls for an extensive repair service in order to avoid any leakages.

Visible Damage around roof openings:

Chimneys, vents and pipes and other penetrative objects that are placed within you roof are some of the first places to show extensive wear and tear. If you have noticed any signs of damage near your chimney, any leakages around pipes than you should be concerned with a roof repair service.

Blistering of Painted surfaces:

If you have started witnessing blistering or peeling of paint on the exterior or interior sides of the roof or the walls of your house than you should definitely think of calling your local roofers. In most cases a leak or a damaged roof allows moisture and water to get trapped within walls and surfaces which causes the blistering of paint.

If your walls are showing any signs of accumulated humidity than you should be concerned and get them immediately fixed before it catches up to other walls.

Discoloration of walls:

If you have been noticing any discoloration on the ceiling or the walls, or excessive water stains than you should definitely consider consulting a roofer since this might be a sign of any leakages in your roof. These leakages can cause a great problem if not fixed efficiently.


If you have been noticing any mild or excessive leakages around the house after a rainstorm than you definitely need to call a roofer and have them fixed. Leakages usually start small but can escalate to bigger much more complex problems if not fixed timely.

Sagging Roof Deck:

If you have been noticing the roof sagging downwards especially around the areas of the attic than you immediately need to call the roofers. A sagging roof can be localized in order to avoid a full replacement, which is naturally going to be heavier on the wallet. Apart from that if you have been noticing any external light coming down from the roof than you need to get them fixed in order to avoid any leakages post rain.

Spiked Energy Bills:

If you have been witnessing any sudden spikes in your energy bills then this could be an indication of the fact that you have some leaks or gaps in your roof. A broken roof can cause heating and cooling leakages which will naturally cause a spike in your air conditioning energy bills.

Since now you know what factors to look at before calling roofers, let’s talk about the services that are provide by the Coventry Roofers.

Services provided by Coventry roofers:

Once you call Coventry Roofer they will dispatch a team of professionals who will initially identify and scrutinize your roof for any leakages or damage. Once they have established the problems within your roof then you will be advised for the necessary services and repairs.

  • Coventry roofers are able to provide the following set of services
  • Repairing any damaged Pitched, Conservatory, porch, garage and shed roof.
  • Fix or replace broken or missing tiles/shingles
  • Repair any damaged felts by replacing any damaged felts with new ones
  • Repoint broken or damaged ridges with new tiles
  • Fix any damages or leakages in the Chimney
  • Provide installation or reinstallation of lead and flashing in order to ensure it’s watertight and does not accumulate moisture
  • Fix leaking roofs and provide initial localization of the damage
  • Complete replacement of damaged roofs
  • Installation of Water proof facias, guttering and soffits – This helps provide extra protection to the roof from the ever changing weather conditions in the UK. You will be able to protect you roof and interiors by equipping extra water and weather resistant Facias, soffits and guttering.
  • Coventry Roofers also provide an immaculate and highly efficient emergency roof repair service. If there has been an accident on the roof such as a tree fell and broke it or some emergency leakages than you can call their helpline 024 7695 0477 and they will be able to dispatch help immediately

When it comes to roof repairs it is always essential to be efficient and very careful to report any leakages or damages. A small leakage if left unnoticed can lead to complex problems and put you and your family’s life in jeopardy. It is highly essential to notice any damage on the exteriors or the interiors of the house, report them immediately, in order to localize the problems effectively. So If you have been noticing any wear and tear than get on the call with Coventry Roofers and  equip yourself with the best roofing service in town!