The Online Cricket Betting Craze in India

Any form of gambling in India is a rather complicated topic, being both widely popular across India but also technically prohibited. Cricket betting in particular is very popular among Indian players and in the past few years, it has only gained in popularity. Online sports betting, in general, is in itself a thriving market in India, with an estimated number of more than 183 million gamblers all over India.

Betting on cricket online is undoubtedly the ultimate favourite type of gambling activity among Indian gamblers, with hundreds of cricket betting sites available. Betting on cricket online is becoming even more popular in India as technology advances, with hundreds of cricket betting websites that can even be accessed from a smartphone. Without even the need for a computer, it’s easier than ever for Indians to bet online, with approximately 760 million mobile users in the country.

The laws concerning India are somewhat of a grey area, with the most recent gambling laws dating back to 1867! Without a doubt, these laws are outdated and irrelevant to today’s digital world, making the rules unclear and essentially, subject to interpretation. Overall, it’s safe to say that online betting in India is not exactly regulated, but it is prohibited for online betting operators to be based in India and offer their services to Indian players. What this means, however, is that people in India are still allowed to bet on cricket online or engage in other types of online betting, as long as they are doing this with an international based company. And despite the restrictions against betting online within the country itself, India has a very lucrative market and the popularity of cricket betting and online betting are only increasing, despite the laws.


Cricket Betting in India: The Legal Situation

Online betting and cricket betting online in India are technically legal, although there are a few states in India that have their own online betting laws that prohibit online gambling. For example, the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka allow betting on games of skill but betting on luck-based games is illegal. Essentially, cricket betting online in India is considered a grey area because the Indian betting law hasn’t been updated since before the Internet was even invented.

As mentioned above, most states prohibit games of luck while the rest are considered legal. The issue with this separation between luck-based games and skill-based games is that the distinction between the two is confusing. For example, horse race betting falls under the games of skill category, but strangely enough, cricket betting online doesn’t. The contradictions in India’s betting laws as well as the confusing criteria for which games are considered legal and which aren’t is what makes cricket betting in India such a complicated topic when it comes to its legality.


The Most Popular Types of Online Cricket Bets

Despite the betting laws in India being rather unclear, cricket betting online is only gaining more and more popularity. In addition, there is an extensive number of legal and safe online betting sites where players from India are allowed to place their bets. The Indian Premier League remains the most anticipated event for Indians every year, where millions of players from India head to sports betting websites to place their bets on the team they think will win the league.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of online cricket bets that Indian players can make.

Match Betting

This is a straightforward bet on the outcome of the whole match, whether the home team will win, the away team, or if it will be a draw.

Completed Match

This is a bet on whether a one-day match will end that day or not, usually due to some outside factor such as the weather which can impact the game and bring it to a halt earlier than its scheduled time.


Similar to the match betting bet, the tie bet is a straightforward bet on whether the match will end in a tie or not.

Top Bowler and Top Batsman

Both of these bets are bets on a specific player who will be the top bowler (the player who takes the most wickets during a match or entire season) and the top batsman (the player who scores the most goals in a match or season).

Innings Run

This is a type of wager where players try to predict how many runs will be scored in the first innings of that match.

Series Winner

The series winner is a bet that can be placed when two teams go through a series of matches to determine a winner and it’s a bet on who will be the winner out of the two teams.

Player of the Series

In this bet, gamblers have to try to predict which players will earn the title of Player of the Series and applies mainly to larger cricket matches.


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