The reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo deserves 2020 FIFA Men’s Best Player Award

Every year FIFA presents the Men’s Best Player Award. The annual accolade is based on the conduct and performance of the player on as well as off the field. Here is a list of people who are eligible to vote for the nominated players:

  • National team coaches
  • Selected Media Representatives 
  • National Team Captains
  • General public


Cristiano Ronaldo has bagged this award twice and both the times he successfully beat his opponent Lionel Messi. However, Messi bagged the 2019 edition of the Best Player Award.

As far as the 2020 edition is concerned, no other player is as deserving as Cristiano Ronaldo. There are plenty of reasons that make Cristiano Ronaldo the most deserving candidate. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the 10 nominated players for this year’s award.

Ronaldo’s brilliance and consistency are one of many reasons that makes him most fit for the prestigious award. You can get to know more about it at crackstreams.

Here is the list of 5 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo should get the latest edition of the Men’s Best Player Award.


  • Ronaldo is the first European player to score 100 international goals

Cristiano Ronaldo dazzled in flying colours when he managed to score 100 international goals. His score against Sweden in the Nations League in Solna made him the first European player to score 100 international goals. 

But, there was a slight disappointment as a defeat to France.

Regardless, Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as his team, had a memorable year. Even at 35, he is unquestionably the best player in his team, and he still delivers the most goals in his team.


  • Searing club form of Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo opened the year by fetching a second Serie against Cagliari. Cristiano Ronaldo in the champions league scored against Lyon yet, and he was unable to avert the next round for the club.

Ronaldo started this year on a blazing fire, by scoring 8 times in merely 5 games. Ronaldo has unsurprisingly scored about 34 times in just 33 games in 2020. 


  • The best big-game player

Cristiano Ronaldo is without any doubt one of the best big-game players in football. The world has seen him performing better when the stakes are high. 

Since 2018 Ronaldo has scored all the champions league goals for the club. Ronaldo’s Champions League Exploits are unbelievable. He scored as many as 25 goals in just 22 quarter final games, 13 scores in 21 semi-final and fantastic 4 goals in 6 finals. These records are enough for any player to be the best big-game player. 


  • Ronaldo agreed on a reduction in his payment during this challenging year

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on the financial sector of every nation and organisation, including football. Football clubs this year faced a massive loss in the form of no ticket sales because the matches were conducted without the audience.

The club, therefore, asked the players to accept pay cuts this year. The club had to take this decision because it would help them to manage the accounts of this year when the clubs are facing suspension of matches because of the pandemic.

Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly earns four times more as compared to the other best players however he agreed for the wage cut at once. He had zero qualms regarding salary cut, thereby making the interest of the club his priority.


  • Cristiano Ronaldo‘s contribution towards the battle against the coronavirus pandemic

Cristiano Ronaldo has again won the hearts of his fans by making a small contribution towards fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Ronaldo allegedly donated some ventilators to hospitals in Madeira- his hometown, as a contribution to the hospital that will help them fight against the virus.

The Portugal international has also reportedly contributed around €1 million to the hospital at Porto and Lisbon towards the purchase of essential ICU equipment. By helping the world during these challenging times, Ronaldo has proved that he is a star on as well as off the field.    



The five reasons mentioned above are just a few of the many reasons why Ronaldo deserves the latest edition of the auspicious FIFA men’s best player awards. His on and off the performance and brilliance makes him one of the finest players in the history of football.