Bitcoin has revolutionized just about every industry and sport betting is no stranger to benefits of Bitcoin. The popularity of bitcoin in sports betting should not come as a surprise. The rise of bitcoin in sport betting sees no end. To learn more, check out this page details advantages, and answers FAQ. Since the process of placing a bet is simple, bitcoin has become an appealing option. Even with limited knowledge of betting, you can still win big with bitcoin. It is better with sports that you have an interest in. For serious sports betters, it is more than just about score prediction. Betting requires knowledge and the process of calculating the odds.

Bitcoin Reigns Supreme In The Betting Industry

In recent times, bitcoin has become a better alternative for traditional gambling. Bitcoin gambling offers anonymity, simplicity and swiftness. Cryptocurrency is known for making things a lot cheaper. Besides, players are only charged network fees. Many of the top operators as well as online games have begun accepting cryptocurrencies. Fortune Jack was one of the first popular online casinos to offer cryptocurrency currencies. It started offering cryptocurrency options when cryptocurrency gambling was growing and in its incubation period. Since the beginning, Fortune Jack provides online gambling with an unparalleled gaming experience, latest sports betting, numerous promotions, and a wide variety of games.

Advantages of Bitcoin Sports Betting

When comparing both online and traditional casinos, the main benefit of Bitcoin is that it is not regulated by the government. Moreover, its value does not depend on the laws of any country. Thus, players get to play their favorite online casino games with just about anyone they want. There are no limits to whom they can play with. Even citizens of countries that consider online betting to be illegal can play. All one has to do is deposit an amount to play. They can withdraw at any time. Every transaction is instantaneous and there no additional fees that you have to worry about. A great thing about bitcoin is the fact that it is not controlled by a single entity and is in fact decentralized. Hence, you do not need any authorization and can play as a third party.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Sports Betting

Just like any other mode of betting, bitcoin does have some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of bitcoin sports betting is that there is no customer support for players. Moreover, when you send bitcoin to the wrong address, the transaction is irreversible. Neither the sports book or the player can do anything to reverse the transaction. Furthermore, the fees for buying bitcoin with a bank account or credit card tend to be higher as compared to regular banking transaction fees. It can be an eyesore to see such a high fee. However, at the end of the day, bitcoin might seem like a better option.

How To Choose The Best Bitcoin Sports Book?

If you want to experience true freedom when it comes to bitcoin sports gambling, then you need to choose the best bitcoin sports book. Enjoy instant transfers, flexibility to play whenever and wherever, as well as complete anonymity with Bitcoin. It does not get better than this.

Keep in mind that there is also a minority of crypto sports books that want to take advantage of their users. Thus, it is crucial that you only rely on a trusted online sports book for bitcoin transfer. They are safe to use and you can be rest assured knowing that you will make the transfer in real-time without any delays or payment of additional fees.

Basics of Sports Betting

Now, before you decide to place a wager with bitcoin, you need to first understand the basics of sports betting. Although there are a ton of different types of sports betting, only five main types are popular among the majority of wagers. Some of the most popular betting types are mentioned below.

  • Props
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Point Spread
  • Money Line

Each type of betting has its own pros and cons. In order to choose the right type of bet, there are a few factors that need to be considered such as the perception of value, the sports one wagers on, and understanding of the bet type.

Relying On Bitcoin For Placing Bets

There are continuous efforts by credit card companies, banks, governments, and online payment services such as PayPal to put a stop to offshore betting. However, with bitcoin, players are empowered to wager on a sports book. The main goal of sports books is to make it easy for one to do so. It is due to this reason that the majority of bitcoin wagers are in dollars. The reason for its popularity is that it helps safeguard betters from volatile swings in price unlike the type of swings digital currencies face. Many sports books are not just accepting bitcoin, but they are even offering players with huge deposit bonuses. It is simple to deposit bitcoin on a sports book.

There are plenty of reliable sites that allow you to buy bitcoin with your credit card. You can purchase bitcoin instantly. Once you obtain the bitcoin, you can transfer them to the cryptocurrency wallet address of your sports book. The process is simple and instantaneous. The wallet address is nothing but a string of long characters which identifies the receiver and sender of the cryptocurrency. Besides, the transaction fee for bitcoin is just a few cents and the transactions do not take a long time. It could anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for the cryptocurrency to appear on the sports book. The steps taken can be done from the mobile app or website. It is cost-effective, easy, and quick.  You should also remember that bitcoin trade is conducted for up to 12 decimal places unlike traditional currencies which trade to two. Hence, you can complete bitcoin transactions that cost less than a penny. But, most sports books have a minimum and maximum limit for wagers and deposits.