Since the release of Netflix’s show named Bridgerton, the trend of cottagecore dresses has pretty much got its deserved spotlight. Since many of the characters in the highly viral TV show are wearing this type of dresses, it is only natural that girls will go crazy for them!

As it seems, cottagecore dresses will become a very famous trend for the summer season of 2021. If you want to jump into this trend, look amazing while doing so and find out how to make your whole style cottagecore, keep reading this article!


What is a cottagecore dress?
Cottagecore dresses are certainly a part of the cottagecore fashion style. These dresses are, basically, dresses inspired by the rural lifestyle. In other words, if you have seen any of the popular movies whose plot happens on a farm, you have definitely spotted some of these dresses.


How to dress cottagecore?
In order to dress cottagecore, you will need to freshen up your wardrobe. There are some necessary items that you simply must-have in your closet if you want to have a full cottagecore glam.

For example, the trademark of this trend is definitely the cottagecore dress. But, besides that famous dress, a nice peasant blouse, and a maxi skirt. And a nice cotton bag, and you will look amazing!


Where to buy cheap cottagecore dresses?
Luckily, many popular brands have clothing pieces that could form perfect cottagecore outfits in this year’s collections. Cottagecore dresses, in particular, are available for purchase in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. In other words, you will be able to purchase your next cottagecore maxi, midi, or mini dress easily.

Besides being able to find them at your local fashion stores and boutiques, these dresses have certainly ruled the internet, and that is why they are available in online markets as well. The Nvuvu clothing store sells just the perfect dresses made for everyone!

There are many models and styles from which you can choose from and their prices are certainly competitive but affordable. This season’s hot things are pastel colors, so if you definitely want to turn heads, look for a dress in light blue, baby pink, and similar colors.


Final thoughts
For a full cottagecore look, make sure to add a nice pair of sandals to your everyday outfit. On top of that, curling your hair or putting it in a bun will absolutely make you look classy.

There are many ways that you can style a cottagecore dress. So, do not be afraid to experiment a little and form your own perfect outfit in this style. Besides that, do not forget to accessorize, as you will be absolutely making your outfit a lot better if you add a nice gold necklace!

Do not forget to purchase a dress that makes you look comfortable since that is the whole point of this trend- looking good and feeling awesome while doing so!