The Safest International Countries to Move to

Many people eventually consider moving to another country, either temporarily or permanently, and much preplanning is required, including searching for international moving companies to hire. However, moving from the comfort of your own home to a brand new location can be incredibly daunting, where your security and safety might take president over everything else. The best way to find out what countries are safest for anyone to move to is by researching and deciphering which country would make you feel safe during your international adventure.


There are various ways that a person can get information on the safety of the country where they are planning to move, including doing various internet searches, looking at government records and various other information. However, you should always make sure that you have several different options to find out how safe the country is before taking action to move there.


Certain countries are known to be quite safe for many, who they are safest for (women, people with disabilities, minorities, etc.), and what makes them safe and accessible. Some of these countries include:

Singapore: Singapore is known to be one of the safest countries in the world. Since Singapore is a very small country, the crime rate is very low, and the legal system is incredibly transparent and accessible to anyone. This means that if needed, you will be able to gauge the legal system without worrying quickly. Singapore is also incredibly safe for women travellers or for any woman wanting to move to the country permanently.

Canada: Canada can be a welcoming and easily adjustable location for international travellers and anyone wanting to move to the great white north. Canada has been consistently rated as having one of the highest qualities of life for its citizens and will prove to be a secure place for those wanting to travel, study, work, and immigrate.

Germany: Germany is known to have a very welcoming and helpful atmosphere, and you will often find someone to speak your primary language who can assist you. Germany also consistently ranks as one of the most peaceful countries and its major cities, like Munich, have low crime rates. In fact, Germany’s crime rates have steadily fallen in its most populated areas in the last few years.

Australia: Australia is always a popular destination for international travel due to its stunning and unique scenery and because it is also a safe and welcoming country for many travellers. Australia is deemed a certain country to immigrate to with a thriving nightlife to explore, where travellers don’t have to be completely weary during the nighttime.

Japan: Japan has a vibrant and intriguing history, where tourists from all over the globe gather to see its renowned tourist destinations that provide endless entertainment and breathtaking views. But more than just a country popular for tourists, it’s also a popular place to immigrate to because of its well-regarded safety. Japan often tops the list of safest countries to visit and even live in due to its low crime rate and friendly and welcoming locals.

The Netherlands: The Netherlands is known for its heritage and as a great ally to many of its European neighbours, but it also is a safe country to visit and live in. The Netherlands generally has a low crime rate and a low risk for scams and dangerous driving, and women rarely have to feel as if their safety is being compromised.

Norway: Norway is one of the safest countries in the world, especially for children and families. There are many fun events that take place throughout the year for everyone to enjoy and many sights to see that are family-friendly. Norway has a low crime rate and is generally a safe place for all travellers from any destination.

New Zealand: New Zealand is known to be one of the safest countries in the world and has especially low crime rates due to its strict gun laws. It’s also known to have beautiful, sunny weather and amiable people.

Belgium: Belgium also has a low crime rate, but in addition to that imperative factor for any traveller, it also has a beautiful culture, scenery, and many fun festivals throughout the year. Belgium continuously tops the list of safest countries worldwide and is known for its citizen’s friendly demeanour.



If you are planning on moving to a different country, you should do thorough research and seek specific statistics regarding safety and adaptability. Thorough research and preplanning will help you decide what country would be best for you to visit and immigrate to. However, many other things should be considered before moving, such as the location, looking into international moving companies, securing employment beforehand, the cost of living in the new country, and a potential language barrier.