Screen printing is a process in which ink used for printing is made to pass through a screen printing mesh or a surface. Later, this is is stretched into a frame. In this method, design stencils are used and with the help of the sponge, the colors are transferred into the stencil portions that are then unblocked. This process is used widely in the fabrication of clothes such as shirts as well as other garments.

Here are the top 5 benefits of screen printing fabric process:

1.     Economical:

This process is very economical when one has to create multiple copies or in a wholesale amount. A very basic example is paintings to put in your area. These are the same panels which will be used over and over again if you need to make multiple copies. This is an inexpensive way and works out rather cheap. It will become easy for you to recover the costs and you’d end up with good profits.

2.     Tough and Sturdy:

Screen prints are carried out on some really tough fabric, which is why they are sturdy and tough. Despite exposing any kind of screen printed fabric really harsh conditions, the colors never face away or become dull. In fact, it would take a long time for the texts and colors to become unclear and dull.

3.     Faster Process:

Screen printing is a faster process than any other methods used for advertising. Once your advertisement has been seen by many of your potential customers, this would certainly definitely transform some of them into your regulars. This process of screen printing is rather hassle free and simple. The only fundamentals are the basic instruments and the screen panels. And then, you can easily begin your own business. The colors dry fast and you may begin showing your ads to the directed audience soon.

4.     Bigger Designs:

When one has to create larger designs, screen printing is the perfect idea. In fact, one can be a lot more resourceful and creative when you have to select the size of the screen panel. It is likely to make bigger counterparts of your design, without the need of distortion of the images and texts. However, it isn’t very easy to make amendments when one goes for digital printing.

5.     Widespread Range of Service:

Screen printing is a process which can be used for a diverse range of things effectively. It can be used for printing designs on fabrics, clothes and garments. This provides the opportunity for many custom designs, suitable for garments like personalised hoodies or shirts. It can also cater to printing designs on labels for products, printing circuit boards or even printing different designs on balloons!


If you would wish to try screen-printing yourself, you may even buy a screen-printing kit from some store which focuses on screen-print methods. It is important to remember that even though it may seem easy to use these kits because of the way they are marketed, it might be important for you to consider getting its guide or manual. Best thing is that the colors used in this process are entirely environment-friendly when compared to the plastic inks. The colors are quite vibrant and attractive.