Texting is the preferred mode of communication. Since people do not have the time to call someone and multitask, they opt for texting. This has resulted in the creation of a variety of chat apps. No matter what your requirements might be, there is bound to be a chat app just for you. With the dawn of 2021, it is important that you learn about the top chat apps this year. It will allow you to chat to your heart’s content. As remote work is likely to remain, it is best that you download the top chat apps in 2020 to stay ahead of the pack. Let’s start the post.

  1. Taimi

One of the top chat apps in 2021 that you need to know about is Taimi. It provides you with the opportunity to have an active social life and make connections with the LGBTQ community. There are millions of gay guys who use the app to talk with other men. Whether you are looking for making new friends or a serious relationship, you will find the app to be just what you need. There are plenty of cute guys on the app that you can chat with for a fun time. The app provides you with the opportunity to start conversations, share pictures and videos, have a video date, send voice messages, and launch a relationship.


  • Offers an exciting way to communicate.
  • Chance to meet hundreds of guys and go on dates.
  • Utilizes different technologies.
  • Lets you change your location.
  1. Coast

Another great app that you can use to chat is Coast. It is designed for small businesses and remote workers. You can use Coast to communicate effectively and easily with the entire team. When you use the app, you can select certain employees to create a chat group or contact one-on-one.

Essential business communications are simplified by the app as it streamlines everything such as tracking of projects and tasks. Thus, you would not need to use multiple apps for the work. The app is available for both desktop and mobile use. It also offers a free basic plan. Quickly communicate with each team member. You can even check who has seen your text messages.


  • Create and track tasks within the chat group.
  • Update the tasks as you progress.
  • Share calendars in the chat group.
  • User-Friendly interface.
  1. Twist

If you are looking for the best team chat app, Twist is the only app that you need to know about. It organizes your conversations in the best way possible. This makes it easier for you to read messages and respond accordingly.

The communication between your staff will be easily visible. Thus, it would help reduce the need to search for vital information that has been buried in separate conversations and long email chains. Both desktop and mobile users can utilize these functionalities for an easier time conversing. You can finally stay on-topic with the app. It allows you to search for clearly-titled threats that might be many months or years old. The chat threads provide visibility to all of the chat members. You can even eliminate who receives alerts on the app.


  • Clean and clear design.
  • Option to select the chat members to notify.
  • Ability to begin and manage highly important conversations.
  • Organize business discussions.
  1. Proof Hub

For the most successful project, you need to use Proof Hub. The top chat app makes it extremely easy for you to manage team chats. Not only can you communicate on the app, but you also get to collaborate and ensure that everyone stays in the loop throughout the process. The project-tracking abilities allow you to get more done. You can tailor the reports and charts using the project-tracking capabilities. It does not get better than this. Essential business communication just got a whole lot easier with Proof Hub. It is the ultimate app for those of you on the go.


  • Share ideas within discussion boards.
  • Create a discussion topic.
  • Add feedback or comments to messages.
  • Assign tasks to team members, set recurring tasks, and prioritize deadlines.
  • Divide tasks and designate users to complete each project.
  1. Slack

In addition to the above, slack is the best team chat app. It is designed for integrations. Slack has put in the effort to replace emails and other messy communication platforms. The best thing about it is that it offers convenient integrations with other software programs. Therefore, you get to benefit from ease of finding and sharing information. Despite its many features, slack is available for free. You can use it on both desktop and mobile mediums.

Now, you will have no trouble staying in the know with centralized conversations. You can even use Slack Connect for communication with other businesses using Slack. Users also get to contact people using video or voice calls. You can either engage in conversations with one employee or a group of employees.


  • Straightforward user interface which makes it incredibly easy to use the app instantly.
  • Connections employees and remote teams with minimal effort.
  • Limits disruptions to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Provides you with an informal environment to freely chat with employees.
  • Stores archived messages.
  1. Microsoft Teams

Finally, if you are on the lookout for the best enterprise team chat app, you will find Microsoft Teams to be the perfect option. Small businesses and large corporations use the app to keep their teams connected. The app allows you to text, call, share media, and more. Effective collaboration between employees is a reality that you can achieve with the app.


  • Option to arrange a meeting room for up to 49 workers.
  • Easy to share screens and files.
  • Amazing integration.



Once you have finished reading this post, you will know about the top chat apps in 2021. Each chat app has a lot to offer. It all comes down to your preferences. However, if you are looking to date, Taimi might be the perfect app for you.