You will be spoiled for choice with the latest ballroom dresses and dance shoes from renowned brands such as Move Dance, Bloch, Capezio, So Danca, Freed, Intermezzo and over 30 others. This includes a wide range of merchandise, from dance leotards to street dance shoes. At Bodythings Dance Wear, you can buy a variety of products: dance shoes, dancewear, sportswear, perfumes and bags designed for men, women and children.

They offer dance products for professionals, beginners and others. They offer a wide range of dancewear and shoes for all types of dances, including ballet, saloon, salsa, pitches, character, street dance, tap, and jazz.

The extensive Roch Valley dancewear collection includes dancewear and shoes for all disciplines. Rarely one of the dancewear brands has unveiled a series of geometric designs, asymmetrical tops, a mix of classic and modern dancewear and loungewear that can be used for both dance and any other occasion. Dancewear is the clothing worn by dancers and comes in many different styles for different dance forms. Dancewear is designed to meet aesthetic needs and increase engagement in ongoing dance.


What is Dancewear

Dancewear usually includes skirts, tights, leggings, dance straps, shoes, pointe shoes, leotards, tutus, shorts, trousers, tops, and others. The dancewear is not only limited to the old-fashioned clothes only worn for dancing, but also comes in a sporty style, with a slim-fit design enhanced fabrics, which can also be worn for yoga and yoga classes.

Move Dance Wear is a Spanish brand of dancewear (children’s, women’s and men’s), shoes and dance accessories.

We want to help you find the best uniform for your favorite dance style. If you are one of those who like to keep up with the latest fashion and wear your style, we recommend that you buy online, so you will rarely find someone who dresses like you. Dance studios and role dancers will always have their favorite picks and advice, but we’ve listed three reputable and trusted brands that you can check out for yourself before making your first purchase. Please note that while many of these companies started in the ballet scene, they have expanded their range to other dance genres such as tap, jazz, Latin American and contemporary dance.

Dancewear Brands

Capezio works closely with dancers in product development, ensuring that their durable work shoes with their performance features make them a popular dance shoe for dancers today. The brand has built an enviable reputation for producing dancewear and dance shoes with an almost unrivaled level of performance. Today, the brand continues to fulfill Bloch’s promise to meet the needs of dancers by moving beyond pointe and embracing other dance genres, becoming the world’s leading dancewear group for ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz and Latin American dance.

Freed of London is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of professional dance shoes. Free Flow is a cutting-edge Canadian dance company known for its innovative and daring contemporary choreography. The Canadian Contemporary Dance Company is a contemporary dance repertoire created to showcase the next generation of talented artists in professional productions.

Amazingly, more and more companies are starting to offer dancewear and accessories for different dancers. But we also see that they often carry a higher price tag compared to lighter complexions. Some of the major players operating in the market include Mirella, Repetto, Yumiko, Capezio, Bloch, Leo Dancewear, Grishko, Wear Moi, Chacott, Kinney, So Danca, SF Dancewear, Ting Dance Wear, Dance of Love, Red Rain, Dansgirl. Baidu, Red shoes and Detrol.