Dallas is a city that has it all. Parks, restaurants, cafes, museums, art galleries, lakes, and just about anything that one can imagine. A trip to the city will make you realize just how good the residents have it. Everything is much bigger in Dallas, the food, the buildings, the parks, and people’s hearts. Everything about the city will make you forget about anywhere else. If you are planning a trip to Dallas or are considering moving to the city, you have come to the right place. This post takes a close look at the top things to do in Dallas, Texas.

  1. Visit the Dallas Zoo

Are you an animal lover or have kids that love animals? Then, you need to head over to the Dallas Zoo. It is home to more than 2000 animals. Founded back in 1888, the zoo covers an area of 106 acres. It is the biggest zoological park in Texas. There is more to the place than just animal exhibits. Since most of the animal habitats have been constructed to provide a natural environment to animals, you will get to go on a real safari and experience the beauty of nature. There are even daily animal demonstration and a children’s zoo. Hence, the Dallas Zoo is the perfect place for an entire family.

  1. Check out the World Aquarium

Have the time of your life at the World Aquarium. It is located inside a huge refurbished warehouse. Learn about a huge variety of marine life from across the globe at the aquarium. Many of the creatures are endangered. Some of the animals that you will come across include Orinoco crocodiles, piranhas, and stingrays. There is also a rain-forest that features a beautiful waterfall. Walk through the shark exhibits to experience something completely new. Visitors also have the option to commune with certain animals such as ocelots, penguins, and river otters. There are even animal feed sessions that should not be missed.

  1. See the Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum showcases the long history of Dallas in all its glory. It is considered a historical site for its conspiracy theories and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Head over to the Dallas County Administration Building to brush up on your history. You will be amazed to know just how good of a job the museum has done at preserving the history. There are artifacts, news footage, historical images, and historical accounts at the museum.

  1. Dallas Museum of Art

If you are more of a creative person, you will find the Dallas Museum of Art to be the perfect place to spend time. Established back in 1903, the museum has become one of the most famous institutions in the entire country. It houses about 25,000 objects. Covering 159,000 square feet, unravel artwork from the 3rd century up to this day. There is also the Paintings Conservation Studio at the museum where you can watch conservationists at work. Some of the collections include contemporary works, decorative arts, and African sculptures. Paintings by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Georgia O’Keeffe, and other well-known painters cover the walls. The best thing about the Dallas Museum of Art is the fact that it offers free admission to everyone.

  1. Walk the Katy Trail

If you prefer walking on scenic routes, you need to walk the Katy Trail. Run over 3 miles from Southern Methodist University towards American Airlines Center. The best thing about the trail is that it is shaded and protected from the heavy traffic of Dallas. Thus, you can rollerblade, cycle, jog, or just enjoy nature at this lovely trail.

When you are in need of nature therapy, you can spend time at the Katy Trail. It will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on Dallas with renewed energy. The Katy Trail is a favorite among new and old residents as well as tourists.

  1. Spent Time at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The next top thing on our list is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Bring out your inner nerd at this amazing museum. It has got it all. The museum has been created to showcase the prowess of the city. This sprawling science museum is magnificent to say the least. It covers about 200,000 square feet and houses exhibitions about sports, dinosaurs, and everything that you could possibly think of.

  1. Eat at Mia’s Tex-Mex

No visit to Dallas is complete without a trip to Mia’s Tex-Mex. Texas is all about Tex-Mex cuisine. There is no better place to get your fix than Mia’s Tex-Mex. Head over to Lemmon Avenue to a non-descript building. There is a lot happening at the location. You have to order their brisket tacos and tortillas to satisfy your cravings. The food is simply out of this world. The best thing about the restaurant is that it offers the freshest food.

  1. Relax at the Klyde Warren Park

Another great green space that you can visit to relax is the Klyde Warren Park. It is the newest park in the city. Besides, it is well-maintained which means that you will get to enjoy your time at the park. Covering over 5 acres of space, you can get lost at this marvelous location. It connects downtown to uptown. There is abundant grass, paved trails, fountains, dog parks, and move screenings that will keep you busy.

  1. Beat the Heat at the White Rock Lake

When Dallas starts to heat up during the summer, you need to visit the White Rock Lake to beat the heat. It is one of the best parks in the city. Spanning about 1000 acres, you have to check out. It is a popular spot for fishing, rowing, and other activities. There are even trails for cyclists, picnickers, and runners.


Dallas is a city that rewards its dwellers with the best places. Once you have gone over this post, you will know about the top things to do when in the city. If you are drawn to the city, it is a good idea to look up https://www.four19properties.com/tx/dallas/. You never know, you might end up finding the perfect property for relocation.