The Trends of Wigs

Wigs have made a major comeback and are here to stay. If you are an avid Vogue reader or follow some of the hottest Instagram models such as Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, or Kendall Jenner, then, there is one thing you must have noticed that they all have in common and that is wigs. More and more fashion labels are making use of wigs for their fashion runways and more. However, wigs are not something new.

History of Wigs

It is believed that wigs started out in Ancient Egypt. In order to alleviate themselves from extreme heat, Egyptians used to remove all their hair and wore wigs to shield their scalps from the blistering sun. It is only from here onwards that wigs became a sign of social status.

Eastern ancient civilizations on the other used wigs for a theatrical setting. However, the Middle Ages were not the best of times for wigs. But, the Renaissance saw their return and suddenly wigs were in fashion. It was Louis XIII of France who truly made wigs popular. During that era, extremely large wigs were worn to hide away signs of premature balding. As for 18th Century England, wigs were considered as a sign of the elite. Moreover, African American women have dawned wigs in different fashions and forms for centuries.

Recent Times

In recent times, wigs have become very trendy. From short bob wigs to ponytails, wigs have become extremely popular and are in high demand throughout the globe. Many A-list celebrities wear wigs as part of their everyday look. There are many professional wig stylists that cater to their needs. Wearing wigs openly has become the new norm and the demand for lace front wigs has skyrocketed.

In the past, wigs used to solely be associated with actors who performed in the theater. However, the wigs created these days are more realistic looking. High definition cameras and smartphones have made it necessary for people to opt for realistic looking wigs. These days, nobody can get away with a sloppy hairline. Hence, the wig has to appear like as if it is growing from the scalp and has to stay intact. Beyonce and Lady Gaga wear wigs without even pretending that they are not wigs. This has led to the perception of wigs becoming more positive. In the past, people wore wigs in order to hide something. But, now people wear wigs for various reasons. Wigs have become a form of self expression and it can be empowering for individuals to wear one.

Real Hair Wigs Vs Synthetic Hair Wigs

Now, even though human hair may appear ideal due to its realistic look, it tends to be much more expensive as compared to synthetic hair. Moreover, it also requires greater maintenance. Real hair wigs need to be styled and treated in the same way that you would do so with your real hair. Natural hair wigs should be washed in cold water as frequently as you wear one. Make sure to air dry the wig on the towel and avoid using heating tools if possible. Heat protection products can also be used. A curling wand set might come in handy to style your hair.

On the other hand, synthetic hair is made for people on the go. It holds onto a specific style even when you have cleaned it. Drag Queens rely on synthetic wigs to alleviate their look and use lots of fabric softener to keep the wig looking soft.

The reason why synthetic wigs are popular is because they are easy to manage and tend to be more durable. Furthermore, they can be styled using as little hair spray as possible. All you have to do is take out the synthetic hair wig out of the box and put it on your hair. Heat styling tools should not be used on synthetic wigs.

Popular Media & Culture

Nicole Kidman and many other top celebrities have worn wigs over the years. Wigs are the number one trend for 2020. More and more fashion brands are making use of wigs to transform the way their models look. Fendi and Chanel have also made use of wigs for their fashion shows. Mini wigs, short wigs, long wigs, and whatever you name it. Wigs are here to stay. They have become the latest fashion statement. There are no limits to what can be achieved in terms of aesthetics and appearance when it comes to wigs. Besides, wigs do not require any type of commitment.

The black community is one of the communities in which women rely on wigs to change the way they look and to play up with their appearances. Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular social media icons who can be seen wearing wigs extensively. She has made wigs her fashion statement and it cannot be argued just how good wigs look on her.

The Wig Conversation

The wig is no more in the closet and has come out of the closet with a bang. It is no longer considered a dirty secret to wear a wig. Just a stroll through any major city in the world will show you just how common wigs have become. They are particularly worn by clubbers and partiers. If you watched the Chanel pre-collection spring 2013 show in which a candy-pink bob was apparent, you would have noticed just how elegant the row of bobs looked on stage.

For the Imaginative

Wigs are made for the imaginative. If you are a creative and you want to spice things up in your life, then, there is no better way to do so than by wearing a wig. The thing about wigs is that they offer sophistication, elegance, and beauty. Wigs do not just have to be worn by those who are bald or have started to lose hair. They can be worn by just about anyone. Wigs are the future. They transcend all borders and transform the way you look. So, what are you waiting for? Get a wig of your own.