Baseball is a sport that many of us grew up playing or at least watching. It is a game that continues to inspire us. No matter if our favorite team wins or not, the best way to show support is by putting on a MLB baseball jersey. If you are a true baseball fan at heart, this guide is just for you. Save money on National League Baseball Jerseys and American League Baseball Jerseys. Wear MLB baseball jerseys, all thirty teams, new style, old style home, road, and alternate style jerseys to show support for your team. It will get you some high-fives from other fans and boost your chances of impromptu conversations. If you are on the lookout for the best baseball jerseys, you have come to the right place, this guide aims to provide you with all the information you need.


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MLB Baseball Jerseys

To kick off this guide, the following MLB baseball jerseys are a must-have.

  1. Indians

The Indians baseball jerseys have become incredibly popular in recent times. Their distinctive “C” logo makes them stand out. Although it might seem somewhat generic or bland, fans still want to get their hands on the jerseys. The blue, white, and red color of the jersey makes it distinguishable.

  1. Phillies

The Phillies baseball jerseys have been quite underutilized but they are once again trending. The red pinstripes are easy to recognize. The jerseys utilize the logo of the Liberty Bell which makes them more noticeable.

  1. Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks had a major redesign in uniform back in 2010. The jerseys have helped create an identity for the team.

  1. Marlins

The Marlins released amazing baseball jerseys that became a popular sight. The Miami pink and teal colored outlines and trims are just perfect.

  1. White Sox

The White Sox used the colors white and black in the best way possible. Their classic logo and alternate black uniform tops make them stand out. Besides, the old styles are amazing.

  1. Tigers

Tigers deal with simplicity as they use the old English “D” on their caps. Their jerseys and overall uniforms have not been changed in a long time. Although the team might be referred to as Tigers, they do not have any tiger imagery on their jerseys. There are no alternate uniforms as well.

  1. Nationals

The Nationals are a major baseball team that have experience few different looks over the years. The script might be quite blend but they are a popular seller. However, a bit more refinement would go a long way. Their alternate styles do not have any stripes, stars, or an eagle.

  1. Orioles

Another MLB team that uses orange and black for its primary colors is the Orioles. Their uniforms are very simple as they are devoid of stripes and the script lettering is monotonous. But, the cartoon bird is popular.

  1. Rockies

The Rockies have one of the best baseball jerseys out there. They utilize a great color scheme. The grays, pinstripes, and clipart are easy to notice.

  1. Rays

The Rays have brought back the Devil Rays rainbow jersey. The jersey has the right amount of ray.

  1. Cardinals

The Cardinals are known for being traditionalists. Hence, their jerseys are somewhat old-fashioned. However, it is what makes them popular.

  1. Rangers

The Rangers have come a long way. Their distinctive uniform has the perfect script and an amazing blue color. Some other elements include logos, caps, belts, and drop shadows.

  1. Braves

The Braves have a tomahawk underline and identifiable script. The color scheme is stylish and bold.

  1. Giants

The Giants are known for their orange color scheme. Their jerseys are quite popular.

  1. Reds

The Reds have unveiled plenty of throwback old styles to celebrate their love for baseball. Their alternate red jerseys are a great choice.

  1. Angels

The Angels are known for their cool jerseys. They are captivating and their logo is sharp.

  1. Astros

The Astros are another team that uses orange. They have managed to spark interest. The uniforms are an excellent option for baseball fans.

  1. Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have also added powder blue uniforms. They are quite slick and boast a cleaned-up blue jay logo.

  1. Pirates

The Pirates have excellent uniforms. They are very cool. The yellow and black colors offer the perfect touch to the jerseys.

  1. Mets

The Mets have introduced many looks over the years. They are simple yet sexy. The gray/ silvering lettering with a captivating orange outline makes them pop.

  1. Red Sox

The Red Sox have the best jerseys when it comes to classics. The Boston lettering and style of the shirts is what makes them memorable.

  1. Mariners

The Mariners boast a striking silver and teal colour scheme that makes them the perfect choice.

  1. Twins

The Twins have reintroduced their beautiful powder blue uniforms. These jerseys were worn as road jerseys in the 70’s and early 80’s. Twins fans will be excited to have these uniforms back as alternates.

  1. Cubs

The Cubs prefer to stay true to the classics. Their jerseys are simply unbeatable.

  1. Dodgers

The Dodgers offer timeless jerseys.

  1. Yankees

The Yankees are known for their pinstripes and traditional jerseys.

  1. Royals

The Royals have the best blue jerseys.

  1. Padres

The Padres have taken things up a notch with their jerseys.

  1. Brewers

The Brewers have the best road kits and uniforms.

  1. Athletics

Finally, the Athletics have the best color scheme that consists of gold, white, and green colors. Their jerseys are awesome.



Shop for the best MLB baseball jerseys by opting for the jerseys mentioned above.