The vaping industry has come a long way in a short period of time. It has experienced tremendous growth, especially due to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. This makes it difficult for vapers to keep up with the latest vape products and devices. With top brands redefining the entire vaping experience, there are limitless possibilities of vaping. Being a part of the vaping world has its many perks.

Most people start vaping to give up smoking. Vape companies are quick to notice the newest members of the community. When it comes to vape product engineering and design, the goal is to create an experience that is authentic and unique from traditional cigarette-smoking. The hottest vape devices that have emerged recently are refillable pods or vape pod systems. They offer an analog-style experience, while utilizing advanced technology.

What Are Refillable Pods?

For those of you that do not know, refillable pods are designed to provide an incredibly convenient and user-friendly vaping experience. They are affordable and help create the perfect moment. With refillable pods, vapers benefit from an ideal balance between an ultra-advanced mod and a basic vape pen. Since these pods are not overly complicate, anyone can use them with ease.

The Basics of Refillable Pods

The main reason why refillable pods have become extremely popular is because they provide a happy medium. It is common for most vapers to begin vaping using a simple, inexpensive vape pen. They learn through the basics and build an understanding of their preferences through multiple vape sessions. Although these basic devices serve a certain purpose, they do have some drawbacks. Basic e-cigs do not have much to offer in terms of power or battery life. This is why refillable pods have become a necessity. They provide a great alternative. Advanced options offer a variety of customization options. Besides, not every vaper has the time or money to use more-complicated devices.

Vapers who are on the lookout for a balance between performance, convenience, and affordability will rejoice knowing that refillable pods help provide that balance. They are capable of offering an amazing vape experience, while ensuring cost and hassle are kept at a minimum.

As you would have already guessed from its name, refillable pods have one distinctive characteristic which is the utilization of pod to hold and vaporize the desired e-juice instead of relying on a tank or atomizer which is typically accompanies with a standard mod. Thus, it should be clear that a refillable pod is an all-in-one device which lets you vape on the go. Its cartridge comes with e-juice, a wick, and a built-in coil. Since it is a self-contained device, you do not need to attach an atomizer or tank to it.

How Much E-Juice Can Refillable Pods Hold?

One of the most popular questions online is how much e-juice could a refillable pod hold. Generally, refillable pods can easily hold anywhere from 1ml-3ml of e-juice. This makes them perfect for those of you that prefer regular vape session. A popular e-cigarette brand that offers some of the best vape pods and disposable vape pens is VEIIK. It is famous for its VEIIK vapes, VEIIK pods, and VEIIK Air pods. These devices run for longer and are a bit larger than the compact e-cigs that are commonly available.

Most refillable pods that are in the market today have a system that features a sleek, high-tech look. They look quite like a USB drive or something high-tech. You will be surprised to know just how powerful refillable pods are and how much e-juice they can store.

How Can You Use A Pod System?

One of the best things about refillable pods is that they are some of the easiest vapes to operate. To help you use a refillable pod, the following steps will come in handy.

  • Make sure that the battery has been fully charged before you use it.
  • When using a refillable pod vape, you have to first fill it up with the e-juice of your choice.
  • Next, wait at least 6-12 minutes for the wick to saturate.
  • Attach the pod into the device firmly. If the refillable pod has an on/off switch, ensure that it is switched on.
  • Identify if the pod vape comes with a fire button. If so, hold it as you inhale. However, if it does not have such a button, you can proceed with taking a puff as you normally would with a regular cigarette.

The above steps will allow you to enjoy your vape. To boost the life of the pod, never empty it completely. There should always be some e-liquid in it. Otherwise, its coil might end up getting burnt. Before the juice finishes, dispose of it or refill it.

How Long Does A Refill Last?

Once you have refilled the refillable pod, it should last you around a week. Then, you can replace the coil or pod depending on how often it is used. Keep in mind that there is no need to replace the pod if the device uses replaceable coils. However, you should have it disposed immediately as soon as you notice some discoloration or do so once every month.

Who Should Use Refillable Pods?

Refillable pods are the ultimate vapes. The following individuals will find refillable pods to be the right fit for them.

  • Smokers who want to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and cut down on their nicotine intake. They will enjoy these cigarette-like smaller pod systems which are not as harmful and still manage to satisfy all cravings.
  • Experience vapers will also find refillable pods to be a great companion for vaping on the go or larger vaping setups.
  • Stealth vapers who want to try something new will appreciate these mini vapes for their discreet cloud protection and compact size.


Refillable pods are here to stay. They are simple and easy to use. If you want to try out the best refillable pods, you should shop from VEIIK.