When you inhale and exhale the compound aerosol (which is also known as vapor) it is called vaping. Vaping is carried out by vape pens or e-cigarettes, they are one and the same things. The name ‘e-cigarette’ is given to it because of absence of tobacco smoke. The aerosol produces water vapor smoke which consist of very fine particles. These vape pens are very similar in appearance to fountain pens, and are easily affordable. A vape pen is constructed by a mouthpiece, e-juice, a cartridge of course, and a battery to heat the pen which actually vaporizes the aerosol.Vaping has become extremely popular on a global level, as it’s helped traditional smokers kick the habit and use electronic nicotine delivery systems. Newly found research has found many benefits to using vape juice rather than traditional analog cigarettes. Statistics from BMJ Journals show that 82% of smokers are aware of e-cigarettes and current use of an e-cigarette was at 42% in young adult smokers. The most frequent reason for vaping across the board for all age ranges was to quit smoking traditional analog cigarettes. You can check this portable vaporizers review if you need help to make a decision.

Vape pens heat up the nicotine and flavoring mixture along with other compounds such as aerosol, which create the water vapor smoke when you inhale and exhale. You might notice that vaping creates a lot more smoke than cigarette, because of the high water amount. A normal cigarette has over seven thousand toxins that may cause harm which are far less than those in e-cigarettes. Vaping exposes you to comparatively lot less toxins than smoking cigarettes.





  1. Comparatively safer than smoking.

Studies suggest that relative to cigarettes, vaping is actually triple times safer than smoking. This is due to the absence of combustion process or any tobacco ash while vaping that could cause damage to the lungs and respiratory system as it does through cigarette smoke. Many doctors suggest chainsmokers and addicts to switch to vaping so they could easily wear off the disadvantages along with getting the experience. The smoke free vaping then leads to better oral health, blood circulation and lungs hygiene.

  1. Odourless smoke.

Vaping gives you the advantage of smoking which gives off a flavor scent or just odorless smoke. Since there is no use of tobacco, vaping only gives off the aroma of the flavour vape juice you are using. Some people even hardly take notice of the smell that arises from vaping.

  1. Controllable dose of nicotine.

You can easily control your nicotine intake through vaping. This is specially useful for cigarette addicts who are trying to get rid of the habit. You can even use a nicotine free vape juice so that you do not have to face any damage by the toxins. Most vapers gradually lower their nicotine intake to remove it at the end.

  1. Quick and convenient

Vaping is a very quick and instant relief if you are looking to smoke. Once the vape is ready i.e. heated, just take a dose by pushing the button to inhale. All vape pens come with batteries so you do not have to work on keeping the lighter. The vape pens have an e-juice cartridge that needs to be refilled once empty.

  1. Cost Efficient and easily available

No matter how heavy or light your pocket is, you can easily purchase a vape pen. The vape pens are nowadays available in all kinds of qualities and among all markets, so it is actually very easily available even if you go to your local shop or convenience stores. There are many varieties to vape pens these days such as disposable, high quality refillers, sophisticated pens etc. There are also other varieties available on online shops so you can get vape pens delivered right at your doorstep. Vape consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated finding extreme savings on vape juice and vape supply online at discount online vape stores, West Coast Vape Supply has become the #1 choice for steep discounts on premium vape juice and known vape hardware brands.


Vape Juice Flavors

The most exciting part about vaping is that even if it does not offer the original tobacco smoke, it intrigues people through the variety of different flavors that are easily available in vape products. Due to the expanding of vape market everyday, new flavors are introduced at rapid rates. These include the basic fruit or ice cream flavors, such as blueberry, cherry etc. But apart from this, these include other items and even desserts such as bubblegum, creme brulee, menthol etc. Some of the most popular vape juice flavors are as follows.

The USA Blend– This gives a heavy and musky yet clean favor which entices the cowboy gene inside of you. This is especially for people who want a break from the fruit flavors.

Gummy Bear– This is a popular flavor among the young generation who vape due to the candy like flavor and scent that it gives off.

Peach Tea–  This flavor gives a calm and soothing taste to your soul and you even feel like its healthy. This is suitable after a tiring day to ease your body and relax.

Cotton Candy- The cotton candy flavor is for adults who are still young at heart and prefer the sugary taste of the cotton candy while vaping instead of consuming any calories.

Menthol– This flavor is for people who like to experience the heat of the smoke along with the coolness of the menthol so that it gives off a soothing yet exciting aftertaste.

Berry Tint– This is a popular flavor for people who are fans of all things fruits. The mixed berries flavor satisfies their inner organic soul and without having to actually consume them.



For people who are cigarette addicts, vaping is an excellent alternative to get rid of the habit and adopt this easier way of reducing the need of nicotine. By using dry herb vaporizer, cannabis users vape marijuana instead of taking it directly to reduce the amounts of toxins while also enhancing their experience. Vape juices comes in a wide variety of flavors that can keep you interested for a long time till you pick your favorites.