The vastness of dream interpretation – explained in an understandable way

To understand dreams as the language of our soul and thus to translate them is quite possible. One should distinguish in advance in two categories to get clearer statements, because not only in spirituality dream interpretation is a recognized method to get on the track of the hidden. Since Sigmund Freud founded his psychoanalysis, dream interpretation is also considered a helpful method in psychotherapeutic work.


Brief interim conclusion: dream interpretation can be spiritual or psychological

What both have in common is that they are very individually tailored to the person in question. But that is where the similarities already end. While psychics can make use of a whole repertoire of interpretation possibilities, the classical psychologist is limited to textbook and personal experience of his client. Therefore, this text is devoted to dream interpretation from a spiritual point of view.


Opening up the dream world can be done in many ways

From traditional symbolic teachings of different cultures like in the Arabic area or similar to the shamans, to the crystal ball or even with the card reading, the pendulum, the questioning of spirit guides or angels, the ways to the secret knowledge are so manifold that a text contribution may hardly be sufficient to describe everything in detail. Therefore, for the sake of clarity, spiritual dream interpretation is divided into two further subcategories: interpretation with tools and interpretation without tools. The former category includes, for example, the interpretation with the help of a pendulum. The approach via classical yes-no questions can first answer general questions such as “Is this a warning dream?” or “Does my deceased partner want to tell me something?”. Building on this, the questioner delves deeper into the message of his dreams with questions such as “Does the warning refer to a person?”

To interpret a dream, psychics can also connect with the dreamer’s energy and virtually witness the dream. As an outsider, the fortune teller can give a completely new perspective of the dreamed.

Whichever way is chosen, the basis – that is, the dream itself – should be remembered as accurately as possible. Details, colors and feelings, which are felt thereby, are extremely important. If the dream is very active, it can be worthwhile to keep a dream diary. In this way, recurring elements can be quickly and clearly identified, which is of great importance in the case of messages from the beyond or energetic attacks.


The help of a clairvoyant can take the fright out of many a dream or explain a nocturnal confusion, so that voices from the beyond become understandable or negative energies are pushed out of the shadows of our subconscious and thus invalidated. The interpretation by spiritually gifted persons often also paves the way for further steps of self-development. Thus, one’s own potential can be liberated and higher levels of existence can be reached.

Dreams touch every subject area of life. Love and relationship, profession and possessions, but also the dark sides, such as lack of self-confidence, fear, hatred and envy. At the unpleasant areas of life separates also among the fortune tellers the wheat from the chaff. Apart from empathy, a range of knowledge and experience must be drawn upon to fully interpret a dream. If the subject of a curse is indicated in advance, it is advisable from the outset to consult a psychic who has knowledge in this area. Not every psychic clears such energies. If interpretation and curse reversal are done by one person, not only a lot of time can be saved. It is more effective if the curse is cleared by someone who has deep insights into the energy and feelings of all involved.


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