Things people get wrong about solar wall lights



Using the solar power is not something new anymore, yet many people still see solar panels as something amazing. Everyone agrees that solar power is one of the best sources of energy and that it is 100% eco-friendly, few people are actually embracing it as their source of sustainable energy, especially when it comes to lights.


Here are some misconceptions about solar power and the truth about it.



You can only use solar powered lights in warm Climates

This is the biggest myth of solar power, because solar panels can do their job in pretty much every climate. While it is true that living in sunny California gives your solar wall lights more intensity, if you live in a cloudy place you can also benefit from solar powered lights. In fact, many countries with a cold climate take advantage from solar panels in order to lower their bills for electricity. Bottom all, if you live in a cloudy area, make sure to place the panels in an open space, where they can get the most light, even if it’s in small amounts.



Solar powered lights are not functional during the night

This is definitely not true, as solar lights can be used at night. Even if the solar panels don’t work during nighttime, the system can store the energy gathered over the day in batteries and use it to produce light. This is why many parking lots now rely on solar powered lighting systems, which are a sustainable option, as the energy needed to light the area is free.



Solar panel systems are too expensive for residential consumers

The initial investment in a solar power system is indeed consistent, but it does depend on the individual needs of the household. Average-size houses can get away with a 5kw solar system, which is going to provide a substantial return of investment in time. At the same time, you can get compensations from the government that can reduce the initial costs by up to 50%. If you are interested in solar powered lighting systems you should research the costs and the tax rebates available in your area, as you might discover that installing solar panels is an affordable option for reducing the costs of your household.



The payback time is too long

Another common misconception about solar panels is that the payback period is too long. Many peopleĀ  say that you will see a return of investment after 25 years of usage. This is not entirely true, as the ROI depends on the initial costs and the size of the solar powered lighting system. For industrial venues or large households the investment is typically bigger than it is for an average-size residential household. The first time you see a return of investment is when the system generates saves on the electricity bill. Depending on the amount of energy consumed, as well as other variables, some people can see their ROI in six years. Adding the rebates from the government, you might see the return in four years.

If you are serious about going green with solar powered lighting systems you need to research the costs and the benefits you can get from them.


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