Eyes are windows to our soul. Many poets have tried and failed to describe the beauty of our eyes. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. There must at least be one instance in our lives where we have been envious of someone else’s eye colors and badly wanted our eyes to be that colors. Nowadays, we don’t have to be so envious since colored contacts have come a long way. They also help with transforming your whole look. Just like normal contact lenses, colored contacts are also safe to use provided you take certain precautions.

  • Before considering colored contacts, consult an ophthalmologist to find out if you need vision correction otherwise. If yes, colored contacts are also available in vision correction variants so you don’t have to forego your vision for looks.
  • colored contacts come in three tints: Opaque, visibility, and enhancement. While opaque lenses completely change your eye colors, enhancement lenses help enhance your natural eye colors. Opaque lenses are best suited for dark eyes and enhancement lenses are best suited for lighter eyes. Visibility lenses have either green or blue tint applied to it so it is easy to spot them when they are dropped.
  • colored contacts are often a little thicker than the regular lenses. Hence, it takes a little time to get used to. But there is also a plus side to this: they are easy to put on and remove so you don’t have to struggle.
  • The right set of colored contacts can help you transform your whole look. But they should be chosen based on your skin tone and undertone. For example, dark-skinned people look better in earthy tones such as brown, hazel, and amber. hidrocor ambar line-up looks so beautiful on dusky skin tone. Light-skinned people work the bright colored contacts better. Hence, they can go for bright colors like green, blue and grey which make their eyes pop. hidrocor quartzo from Solotica is an impressive blue that suits pale-skinned beauties very well.
  • colored contacts also come in different sizes. Just like our fingerprint, the size of our cornea also varies from person to person. Hence, the one-size-fits-all lenses sold in cosmetic shops do not fit everybody. Smaller lenses can cause abrasions and infections and larger lenses do not fit properly. Consult a lens care practitioner to try on different sizes to find out which one feels the most comfortable to wear.
  • Buying colored contacts by unverified manufacturers from cosmetic shops are unsafe to wear. Even if you are only going to use them for one day, get them from a good manufacturer with a prescription so it doesn’t cause any problem.
  • Just like regular lenses, colored contacts too should be worn with good safety precautions. Wash and rinse your hands with a non-fragrant soap before handling your lenses or touching your eyes. After removing the lenses, wash them with a good quality lens care solution before keeping them in their case. Always replace them from time-to-time and go for regular check-ups.