Let’s be honest: buying Bitcoins without a ‘Know Your Customer (KYC)’ is not easy these days. Most exchange platforms or sellers are determined to confirm the legitimacy of the people they are dealing with. But if you still want to buy crypto instantly no verification, many trusted options are available for you. 

What you need is the right guidance on trusted options and how to go about them. So, below are the legit options on how to buy bitcoin without kyc verification.

Buy Crypto Instantly No Verification at LocalBitcoins

When you need bitcoins or any other crypto without using your ID, LocalBitcoins, a peer-to-peer platform, will be of help to you. The focus of this platform is to connect people who want to buy and sell crypto, help them agree on terms and conditions of trade, and then do the actual trade. To buy crypto instantly no verification, you have the option of buying in cash deposit or meeting with the seller and paying with cash or making a bank transfer. It is good to keep in mind that LocalBitcoins has put in place KYC rules and other options will apply.

Use a Cryptocurrency Exchange

If you do your research, you will discover some incredible and trusted exchange platforms to buy bitcoin no sign up. It is possible to buy crypto instantly no verification at Nakitcoins, which is a good example. This and other exchange platforms give the customers the right information before they purchase their digital coins. 

However, one has to be very careful about the exchange platform they use. Some of those where you can buy bitcoin without signing up can have a lot of fraud issues. So, check reviews and notes from previous users to ensure that it is a legit platform.

Buy Crypto Instantly No Verification at a Bitcoin ATM

If you are planning to buy crypto instantly no verification, some Bitcoin ATMs do not require you to have one. All you need is to walk in and buy bitcoin with credit card no id within a very short time. These machines operate just like fiat money ATMs in the streets but they are advanced to assist people to buy and sell crypto. But one thing is for sure: you will need to have a credit or debit card, PayPal account, cash, or money in the bank, as well as knowing your crypto digital wallet address to buy crypto instantly no verification at a Bitcoin ATM.

Buy from a Bank 

The last option legit option to buy crypto instantly no verification is from a local bank. The good news is that you can still buy bitcoin credit card no kyc through a cash deposit or bank transfer. A bank teller or attendant will help you through the process until the Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency is in your digital wallet. 


If you are looking to buying crypto instantly without any verification, confirming your ID, or following the KYC protocols, then these are the options that you have. You could discover more with research and consultation with an expert, but with the above options, you are set.