This is why online tutoring is worthwhile

Learning is not easy for every student. Problems are often caused by individual subjects. One solution to this problem, however, can be found in a still fairly new form of additional support, namely online tutoring. Students can access the service at any time and from any location – provided they have a stable Internet connection. 


However, since there is already an almost unmanageable number of online tutoring providers nowadays, parents and students should not forgo a careful comparison of the individual services and prices in advance. It is also helpful to study the corresponding ratings and reports on experiences.


Demand for online tutoring is growing – these are the advantages


If students live in rather rural areas, it can often prove to be a great challenge to find a local tutor. With online tutoring, however, this is not a problem at all, because a time-consuming journey does not have to be accepted for this. In fact, both the parents and the students are significantly relieved, as they do not have to rely on driving services or public transportation for their way to the tutoring session. This in turn ensures that tutoring is associated with much less stress – it can be integrated into everyday life in a completely flexible way. 

There have been significant changes in the field of private tutoring – and not just since the Corona pandemic. The risk of losing touch with school, for example because lessons could not be attended due to illness, can be significantly minimized by making use of online tutoring. After all, the missed learning material no longer has to be worked through independently and without assistance. 

It is possible to repeat the learning content at any time. In addition, many online tutoring services employ highly qualified tutors who know exactly what the individual student needs for effective and successful learning. 

Since innovative technology is also used to carry out online tutoring, this also takes away the shyness of younger children towards new media and brings them closer to the important significance of digitalization. They will benefit greatly from this in their later lives. 


Flexible learning at any time from any place

Not to be neglected, of course, is the fact that it is completely independent of where the tutor and the student are located. This means a much fairer access to education. 

All that is needed for tutoring on the Internet is a stable Internet connection and an appropriate terminal device. No cumbersome and time-consuming travel routes need to be taken into account. In the time off from school, they thus have more time available for relaxation and other interests. 


Focus on individual student needs

In a large class, teachers can hardly manage to meet the individual needs and requirements of all students. The children therefore inevitably have to follow the learning pace that prevails in the group. For those who are unable to do so, this means that they are always at risk of losing touch. 

However, online tutoring is mainly offered in the form of individual lessons. This gives the advantage that their own personal learning pace can be maintained. Problematic topics can be repeated together with the tutor as often as possible. Not only the general motivation, but also the learning fun of the students is significantly supported. 

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