The COVID-19 crisis had a big impact on essentially all industries. At the moment, we are still in a situation in which we need to think differently due to the pandemic. The coronavirus will therefore have a big impact on 2021 as well, which you can also conclude from the expected trends in the 3D printing industry in the new year. A 3D printing service will experience these trends for sure as well, just like regular people who like to use additive manufacturing in order to create an object. Below are three 3D printing trends for 2021.

Leading the future of 3D printing

Obviously, 3D printing is not the solution for everything. However, it is a clear fit for high-mix and low-volume production. You will have to have a lot of agility in order to embrace stuff at a faster pace. To embrace new technologies coming to the market, you will need to be agile as well. 3D printing is a great way to do that. This is the case since this manufacturing method helps customers to innovate in a faster manner. This is already quite apparent in the aerospace industry and other big sectors, but smaller industries will find this trend in 2021 too.


Investment in accelerates

Companies are investing money across hardware, software, and materials from both growth equity and venture, but you will also see strategic big materials companies put a lot of partnerships and investment in place to accelerate 3D printing into their businesses. There are so many opportunities in this trend. Companies can go public for example, while they can raise capital too. On top of that, there is a very high amount of consolidation. This trend has been going on for quite a while now and it certainly is not going to end in 2021.


Growth through an application-driven approach

It is predicted that additive manufacturing is estimated to touch 10 billion dollars in 2021. This is partially based on developments in the 3D printing industry, these focus on building very advanced machines. These are not only larger and faster, but they are essentially better in every way. Applications that can leverage additive manufacturing technology will be identified too. It is expected that machines and software will have an application-driven approach in the near future, this way the customer’s demands can be met. Because of this trend, 3D printing will certainly grow further. 


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