Tickle Cush is a cannabis strain that has around 70% indica properties. It is a mesmerizing and elevating hybrid strain, enjoyed equally well with friends or alone. Tickle Cush gives off an intense smoke that will transform your thoughts and daydreams into clear and vivid moving images; leaving you with an inspired creative edge.

Initially created in Colorado, Tickle Cush is a convergence of the Chemdawg and LA Kush cannabis strains and it was designed by the Greenwerkz operation. In 2014, it was selected as one of the world’s strongest strains, with a THC level peaking around 28%.

The squat nature of the plant makes it an ideal strain to grow indoors, but it is equally suited to outdoor cultivation. 

Tickle Kush’s effects are potent to both the body and mind; inducing relaxation and elevation in the same measure. If it’s a psychedelic trip you’re after, it is the ideal transport to take you there.

OK, a bit of technical stuff now:


Origin Chemdawg mixed with LA Kush
Positive Effects Happy – 10

Uplifted – 9

Creative – 9

Euphoric – 9

Sleepy – 7

Negative Effects Dry mouth – 10

Dry eyes – 5

Anxious – 5

Paranoid – 1

Headache – 1

Fragrance Blueberry, earthy, fruity, sweet
Flavours Berry, apple, spicy, herbal, fruity, sweet
Medical Stress – 10

Depression – 5

Fatigue – 5

Pain – 5

Insomnia – 5

Flowering Time Indoors 8-9 weeks
Flowering Period Mid October
Height Short
THC Content 28%
CBD Content 1%
Indica / Sativa Proportions 70% / 30%
Indoor Yield 12oz/ m2
Outdoor Yield 15oz/ plant
Growing Climate Warm and sunny outdoor climate
Growth Level Easy
Disease Resistance Resistant to common moulds and mildew

Effects of Tickle Kush

It is known for its psychedelic high that makes everything seem more interesting and unusual. For this reason, it is very popular with artists and other creative professions. It is a cannabis strain that will leave you feeling happy; free to focus on the things that make you feel content in your life.

For those that are in search of an elevating and entertaining high; they may well have reached their nirvana with it. This strain will certainly satisfy them with a highly visual and thought-provoking high. It is a truly creative weed that will let you view the world in a completely different light; giving you a unique perspective to your day.

You will almost certainly have a sense of euphoria the whole time you are on it; even to the point of you feeling a little bit excited. As time wears on, you may start to feel a bit sleepy, so you may want to reduce the dosage to fully appreciate the effects whilst you’re still awake.

Tickle Kush Fragrance

It is a fragrant and aromatic strain with a smell that is unique and will delight you with its strong hint of blueberries. As if the fruitiness was not enough, it supplements this with an earthiness that is both sweet and seductive. It is certainly a scent that is difficult to disguise and one that you will remember for a long time.

Flavours of Tickle Kush

Picture walking past your favourite bakery; smelling and then enjoying the taste of a delicious, freshly baked blueberry pie. You’ve just imagined the taste of this strain; with the subtle suggestion of added apples and spice that it comes with. Even the exhale provides you with a taste sensation; a fruity-herbal combo that leaves you with a sweet aftertaste on the tip of your tongue that lingers long after the smoke has dissipated. 

Adverse Effects of Tickle Kush

There can be a few adverse reactions with it, especially if you are someone that likes their doses high. A dry mouth will leave you with a raging thirst, so have something liquid nearby to quench this.

You may experience dryness of the eyes which can also become itchy and in need of a scratch. Lingering feelings of anxiety are also something to be on the lookout for with this strain6, as in some cases this can lead to mild paranoia. Headaches are also an adverse effect, but these are less frequent.

Medical Uses of Tickle Kush

It has many medical benefits; particularly those that suffer from chronic stress disorders. As the weed aids clarity of thought and creativity, it can bring about a calming effect on the user. The high that It provides is one of a clear-head and alertness, whilst still supplying a deep relaxation to both body and mind.

Chronic Depression sufferers can benefit from it as an aid to their management of this condition. It will enable them to feel more positive, more encouraged and more uplifted; being able to leave the negative thoughts about their condition behind.

A similar positive effect can be experienced by sufferers of chronic fatigue, as it’s uplifting qualities can leave them feeling more lively and motivated. For chronic pain to there can be a relief; as there can be for the effects of insomnia. Overall, it is an incredibly effective strain of cannabis for medical purposes.

Growing Tickle Kush

It is suitable for being grown by the experienced grower or the complete novice. Its ease of cultivation and resistance to common pests and moulds, make this strain an ideal growing strain of cannabis. Making things even easier for indoor cultivation is the size of it; it is a very short plant that does not need a lot of space to grow.

Flowering Time

Indoor cultivation of the strain will take, on average, 8-9 weeks to complete the flowering phase. You can expect to yield about 12 oz/sqm when you harvest.

Outdoor growing will give you a considerably higher yield of around 15 ounces per plant. Outdoor flowering of this strain occurs in the middle of October.