According to the recent Digital 2020 Report by ‘We are Social’, there are around 3.8 billion social media users worldwide. This means that we have been linked together through social media in a global network. Thus, this network has provided us with a new identity as ‘netizens’. It does not matter if you are a Facebook user or a Twitterati, you are still linked with other netizens through the ‘sharing option’ on both platforms. This sharing includes your pictures, opinions, ideas, information and even memes.

Keeping in view this sharing trend, it would not be wrong to suggest that your social media profiles are like your virtual autobiographies. Anyone can look up for you and find the details about your life which you have shared on your own. When and where were you born? Where did you study? How many family members do you have? Are you single or not? How many places have you travelled? What are your significant achievements in life? What are your view-points about certain issues? Virtually speaking, this makes learning about your life just one click away.


Sharing Your View-Point through Twitter

To take an example, let’s try to understand the dynamics of your Twitter account. You certainly follow many people on Twitter. You like their tweets, retweet them and even reply to those tweets directly. This way, you are letting people know that you endorse their view-points. However, this is not just it. You can even create your own content. For instance, you saw a child working in a carpenter’s shop on your way back to home. You are against child labor so this upsets you greatly. You decide to share your opinion on this over Twitter. By doing this, you are letting other people know and understand that child labor is a major social issue that needs to be addressed. However, you need to keep in mind that where many people will share the same opinion as that of yours, some might not.

Reasons for Deleting Tweets

There can be a plethora of reasons for deleting your tweets. Click here for more information.

1.    Dearth of Knowledge

Sometimes due to dearth of knowledge or proper understanding, you retweet or reply to a tweet that later turns out to be based on fake or incomplete information. You might have also engaged in a debate with others over the content of that tweet. After fact-finding, you realize that you were wrongly debating over it, therefore, you intend to delete your replies.

2.    Debating about Sensitive Issues

As your most activities are visible on Twitter, this can have serious repercussions for you if you engage in a debate about sensitive issues. There are various states which have laws related to the sharing of content on social media. If your tweet is violating those laws, you can even be arrested under worst-case scenario. Even if your tweet does not violate any law, it can still hurt the sentiments of other users considering the nature of your tweet. This is why Twitter has a review policy where if you use certain flagged words in your tweet or if your tweet is reported by other users, it is removed.

3.    Posting Unnecessary Tweets

Another reason for deleting all tweets can be posting unnecessary or irrelevant content. Considering the vagaries of human behavior, there is a possibility that you unnecessarily twitted multiple times about something when you were feeling sad or depressed but after some time, you do not have the same feelings or emotions. Therefore, you want to delete all of your tweets.

Or, it can be that you were angry with someone so you indirectly responded to them by posting your tweets. After the moment of heat was over, you looked back at your tweets and realized that you were being really mean. So, you want to delete those tweets of yours.

4.    Embarrassment

Do you remember your initial days on Twitter when you were all excited to meet new people and explore this new virtual world? You were constantly tweeting about your life’s happenings, liking other’s tweets and replying to them. Well, now when you look back at those tweets of yours, there must another feeling present other than nostalgia and that is embarrassment. Posting about your new crush, your new smartphone or even about your sad feelings were all necessary or exciting for you back then. But, now all those tweets might seem quite childish to you. Therefore, all you want to do is to delete all those tweets at once.

In addition to it, with the world becoming increasingly well-connected through internet, there might be various issues of social or political nature springing up back with new mindset and opinion. People are now getting more knowledge, awareness and understanding of both domestic and global issues. This makes it possible for you to have a different opinion over the same matter than you previously had. Or, you might have unknowingly shared your opinion via tweet in the past which can now be labelled as racist. Considering all this, someone can retweet or reply to your tweets from the archive. This can bring you a great embarrassment as you no longer share that opinion so, this can be regarded as the manifestation of hypocrisy among your friends circle. Therefore, your best option would be to delete all of those tweets.

Deleting Tweets from Your Twitter Account

Taking into consideration all of the reasons above, you might have plenitude of tweets to delete. However, Twitter does not allow you to bulk delete your tweets. This means that you will have to go through the arduous process of deleting each and every tweet individually.

But don’t worry! Where there is a will, there is a way. There are various softwares which allow you to delete all tweets hassle-free. If you are looking for a clean-up, Circleboom is one such service-provider. It not only allows you to delete your tweets, retweets and Twitter archive but also enables you to unlike the previously liked tweets. All you have to do is to sign in your Twitter account through their website. This will enable them to have an access to the necessary data from your profile in order to create your own personalized Circleboom report. Through this, you will be able to filter and sort out your own tweets and replies. You can then either bulk delete them or remove them individually. Easy and simple, right?