Tips and Strategies for Writing a Process Essay

Do you remember that time in your math class in school, when you constructed shapes and angles using a compass and protractor? And then your teacher asked you to write down the process step by step? Well, it is somewhat the same in writing a process essay. You can also consider it saying a HOW-TO paper.

As the name typically suggests, you are supposed to write the process of a particular mechanism in chronological order. The writer is to provide a step-by-step guide to a predictable outcome to educate the readers. This type of task is assigned to students of all fields including, science students for lab experiments, home science students for jotting down healthy meal recipes, and psychology students to provide steps to help overcome mental issues. Some examples of process essay topics are –

  • How to start a video marketing campaign
  • How to develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Explain a healthy meal preparation for a sugar patient
  • Describe the steps involved in making a good PowerPoint presentation

Structure of a Process Essay

The format is the same as in all types of essays, namely the introduction, body, and conclusion. The main difference is what you include inside. Let’s understand the writing strategy in depth.


The introduction will be the first impression that keeps your audience interested in your subject. The best approach is to divide the section into smaller pieces of information that carry its own importance. Begin with a catchy hook, followed by a brief historical background of your final product. It was confirmed by EduHelpHub that readers prefer to know the cause prior to reading the effect.

Suppose your topic is “How to mind map in simple steps”, then start by answering why memorizing is important, especially for students, and how will it help with better retention of materials. You can then define the concept and add a small gist to the revolution of visual mapping.


This is the main section of any type of writing where it is suggested to vary the number of paragraphs as per the length and requirement of the essay paper. Each paragraph should have a supporting topic specifying what you intend to reveal further. Then you must give an explanation of how the thing works.

For example, in the first paragraph, you can mention the prerequisites of the life hack. In the second, you can explain the actual procedure. In third, you can state the challenges and difficulties that may come across in the process. And so on.

Not necessarily, this is the only rule to write it. But if you divide the details into paragraphs then the communication will be more precise in an orderly sequence which will keep your audience hooked in the context.


How would you like it if you were so into a movie, but were really disappointed by the ending? The same thing goes with the conclusion of any sort of writing. Wrap up whatever you have covered in the previous sections, and then tell your audience how will the process be helpful in their future. As a kicker element, you can share your personal experience in demonstrating the process yourself.

Process Essay Writing Tips

There is more that you can do to craft a compelling process essay. To make your composition easier we have listed simple tips that you must surely apply.

  1. A process essay writing is not very complicated as other assignments. There is no place for proving or denying anything. Therefore, a thesis statement is not a necessary element here. You just have to write the process.
  2. Your target audience is here to learn something new. Understand their expectation and write assuming that your readers have no idea of the process. Discuss everything in detail using no technical jargon.
  3. Research the topic thoroughly before starting to write. There is nothing to prove here, other than stating that the process is actually workable. So, avoid any type of false information. Recheck the source of information multiple times, if necessary, as you might be asked to make a citation in the end.
  4. A process essay may seem like a user manual, but it is not. It needs a more conversational approach. So, unless you are instructed to write in an imperative second person, it is suggested by PenMyPaper to write in a first- or third-person tone.
  5. As mentioned earlier, a process essay is written in a chronological sequence, which means it’s more compatible with transition terms and phrases. Use words like firstly, secondly, lastly, next, afterward, subsequently, etc. Provide a sense of direction with phrases like “once done with the step”, “wait until”, and “in the meantime”.
  6. To maintain the orderly progression the best you can do is to prepare multiple drafts so you don’t leave out any step. Create an outline first jotting down the important points of information, and then fair it in the next draft.

Bottom Line

It goes without saying that you must proofread the entire paper before submission. However, if you lack much time, consider taking professional help from a paper writer from penmypaper. And only write on a topic that you are completely aware of. As a writer, if you yourself feel difficulty in understanding a step, but write it down anyways without proper clarification, you can’t expect your readers to get it either. This can reflect your ineptitude and your teacher may cut off some points there. Therefore, to write with excellence, choose a prompt that you have a better grip on.

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