Tips For Finding A Great Tutor for your Child


The development of a child is very important and often starts with education, which is why private tutoring is on the rise and why a pro tutoring service was able to come up with tips on how to select the perfect private tutor.


Where To Locate Tutors To Help

Once you have figured out that your children need an online A Level Physics tutor, you will need to ask yourself first where to find a qualified tutor who can help them out.

In one poll, it was said that over half of of the parents use a search engine, a little under a third would use a personal referral, and under twenty percent said they would use a school or local advertisement.


Questions To Have Answered


  1. What type of qualifications does the tutor have.

This is going to be one of the most important bits of information and that is if the tutor is qualified in the subject they are teaching. This will let you know if the tutor will have the right knowledge and know what the child is studying.


This is an industry that does not have any regulation so anyone can advertise as a private tutor. With an agency you will find a tutor often has a degree in the subject and even has a criminal background check.

Make sure you ask for client referrals!


  1. What Does Your Child Need?

Often you will find that poor results on a test does not reflect your child’s true intelligence. You may find that they just need to get support in organizing better for a test, managing time, and even writing an essay. All of these can have a huge impact on the result expected from the test.


You will want to make sure you talk to the teacher about the strength and weakness of your child before going to a private tutor.


  1. Does The Tutor Have A Background Check?

When you are contacting the tutors, no matter how you found them, they should be able to provide you with a background check.

The vast majority of the parents surveyed said that the industry should be regulated and almost all of them said the tutors need a background check.


  1. How Well Does The Child Get Along With The Tutor?

When you have a great tutor you will see that it is more than just the experience and knowledge they have. The best tutors are those who are able to build a friendly relationship with the kids, this improves their confidence and focus, which in turn motivates them to learn.


  1. How Much Experience Does The Tutor Have?

While a very experienced tutor does not mean you are going to get a better service, it will help. That is because the more years experience the tutor has, the more likely they have developed methods to help overcome the problems your child is having.


A good example of this is My Tutor which has private tutors on staff and all have 3 years of experience teaching, but also a degree and background check.


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