Washington is the capital of the United States and the most political city in the country. By the way, Washington is not the capital of any state, but an independent administrative unit. Its second name is DC.

Arriving here, you are waiting for acquaintance with various museums, monuments and memorials. Interestingly, most attractions are free of charge – pass tickets are issued to all inquisitive tourists.

To make your trip successful, read the recommendations that will certainly help you.

Rent a Car

The first step towards a perfect trip is to rent a car. In Washington, public transport is so well developed, and parking prices are quite high (especially in the center) that the need to rent a car is controversial. Another thing is if you want to go to other cities and generally travel around the country.

You can rent a car directly at Enterprise DCA – one of the most demanded rental companies here.The cost of the economy class car, for example, Kia Rio, starts from 150 USD for 3 days. For insurance you will be asked about 10-30 USD per day.

Feel the spirit of the city

Go to the National Mall – the heart of Washington, where you can safely walk and learn a lot. The mall is surrounded by memorial parks and museums. In the local museums is full of exhibits and works of art. You will be met by the majestic monument of George Washington, the first president of the United States. Nearby you will see the monument to Abraham Lincoln.

Next, watch the Honorary Capitol – a symbol of America and the fight against British colonists. The snow-white building, in the walls of which are hidden interesting exhibits. Upstairs there is an observation deck, which offers an amazing view of the city.

Make a tour around the museums

To be acquainted with the policy of America is best in the National Museum of American History. Moreover, to see the stars and spaceships is possible in the National Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics. Be sure to visit the “secret” International Museum of Spying.

Visit the main sight of the capital

If you want to see where the President of the United States works – move to the White House. A magnificent residence with a chic interior is free to its guests. Visitors inspect the place on their own at their own pace. Formally, the visit time is limited to forty-five minutes, but the pressure from the workers is not felt.

When you finally get tired of museums, head towards the Friendship Arch in the Chinese quarter of the city: there are many cafes and souvenir shops.

Besides, if you use Enterprise and rent a car Reagan airport, it is possible to drive around the neighboring cities.

Relax in the nightclubs

Washington is the capital of entertainment, because there is a lot of exciting, extreme and intoxicatingly beautiful things. This can be said about the nightlife of the city, namely, its enchanting clubs.

One of such places is Heaven and Hell Nightclub. It is a very interesting institution, consisting of Heaven and Hell, located on two floors. In the first one, fashion parties with contemporary music and DJs are held. In Hell, in its turn, hard rock, rap and punk are found.

Do not forget about these top three things to do in Washington:

  • Climb the George Washington Memorial and view the entire city from its observation platform;
  • Try the legendary Half-smoke hot dog at Ben’s Chili Bowl;
  • Rent a car from Enterprise at Ronald Reagan airport and drive through the narrow streets of Georgetown.