People have been growing cannabis for thousands of years despite the illegal cultivation in many parts of the world. Interestingly, an increasing number of countries have legalized the cultivation of marijuana. Growing cannabis outdoors promises a high yield and unique flavor. In many ways, it requires less energy compared to planting cannabis seeds indoors. Continue reading to discover valuable tips for growing a large crop of cannabis outdoors.

Select the right cannabis seeds to grow.


Cannabis seeds take three to seven days to germinate. However, some strains sprout in 10 to 15 days. Although germination is a natural phenomenon, both humidity and temperature must be taken into consideration. Are you looking for where to buy the best quality seed? Why not check out the ILGM website? ILGM reviews always end on a positive note, and they have some great deals on the best seeds out there. When selecting cannabis seeds, buy seeds that come with a germination guarantee such as the white widow autoflower strain.

Also, don’t forget to use your ILGM discount code when making a seed purchase. You can also get an I Love Growing Marijuana discount code from the company website. These discounts offer buyers a significant deduction from the actual cost of the seeds. Best of all, the company offers free shipping on all orders to the United States. However, they do charge an international shipping fee for orders below $150. Also, if you’re a novice grower, check out the guides on the ILGM official website. You’ll find topics on soil options, seed types, nutrient and pest problems, light cycles, and harvest times.

Remove shade-creating obstacles from the garden.

When cultivating cannabis seeds, opt for a location with a temperature range of 70-85°F or 20-30°C. According to experts, this is the ideal temperature range that supports cannabis growth. Cannabis plants don’t do well in areas where the temperature range is below 45°F or 7°C, so you might also want to start your planting cycle in spring to avoid the cold winter season. Also, try to pick a location that gets at least six hours of direct and indirect sunlight. Studies show that sunlight stimulates the cannabis plant’s growth while darkness regulates its flowering cycles.

We’ll also advise eliminating shade-creating obstacles like trees or shrubs from your garden. No doubt, many people struggle with getting rid of trees in their homes, considering that they hold sentimental value. Tree removal activities are better left to professionals to handle. Find a tree removal company that provides professional removal services to customers. Typically, the tree removal service company conducts a visual inspection before felling the tree. They can also clean up the trunks after the work is done. Some companies offer tree stump grinding services upon request. The upside to hiring a stump removal service company is that they uproot the tree’s roots to stop it from growing again.

Plant the seeds in the ground.


Growing cannabis seeds in the ground is vital for maximizing the overall yield. The roots tend to spread out when planted in the ground, allowing the cannabis plant to reach its potential size and produce plenty of buds. A good rule of thumb is to space the plants six feet apart to prevent overcrowding.

Remember to mix the soil medium with perlite to prevent the soil from becoming too soggy. Also, keep in mind that the plant needs enough water to grow. So, pick a planting spot that’s close to a water source and try to water the plants daily. Additionally, consider adding fertilizer rich in nitrogen every three weeks during the plant’s vegetative phase until mid-summer. Once the Sativa plant enters the flowering phase, start applying high phosphorus fertilizer to stimulate bud growth. You can then start harvesting when the wispy hairs turn reddish-brown.