Tips for minimising waiting time at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a popular destination for families and theme park lovers from all over the world. But sometimes visitors to the magical world have to put up with long waits at the attractions. If you would rather not join the queue(s), you should plan your stay in advance. Here are a few tips for faster entry to attractions without annoying waits. 

Plan ahead

Thoughtful planning before visiting a popular theme park can save a lot of waiting time. Check the park’s opening hours in advance and make a list of which attractions you want to visit. Looking at the park map helps to find the most efficient route. For example, it helps to visit the most popular attractions as early as possible when the queues are still relatively short.

The opposite tour can also help. Most visitors first discover the rides directly after the entrance. This is why there are often the longest queues here. It is worth crossing the park once and then starting with the attractions at the other end. 

Choose the right time of the year

Choosing the appropriate time to visit Disneyland Paris can make a big difference to waiting times. There are times when the park is less crowded, such as outside holiday periods or during the week. Real-time statistics from Disneyland Paris help to identify the days with the least crowds. Tip: Visiting in the morning or evening is ideal to avoid long queues. Experience shows that there are significantly fewer visitors in the park at this time.

Take advantage of the fast-access service

The Fast Access service is a great way to minimise waiting times at Disneyland Paris. The system allows you to experience certain attractions more quickly by simply deciding “Premier Access”. It can be booked in different variations and costs a little more. In return, there is less waiting time. 

Buy tickets in advance

Buying tickets in advance can not only save time, but also be more cost-effective. On the website, tickets can be conveniently purchased in advance in just a few seconds. Specifying a visitor date offers additional savings potential. An undated day ticket (for example as a gift) is significantly pricier than a dated ticket. Visit attractions outside peak hours

To minimise queues, you could also consider visiting attractions outside peak hours. During the busiest hours of the day, it tends to get more crowded and queue times increase. Instead, visit attractions during parades or other shows in the park when many visitors are elsewhere. You can easily find out when the events are taking place on the daily park schedule. 

Tip: Book a hotel in the park and get in before everyone else

The theme park in Paris has many hotels directly on the grounds. If you’re planning an overnight stay anyway, this is the place to be. Not only is there no longer a long journey to the park, there is also no need to stand in a queue. Guests who have booked into one of the hotels on the park grounds are allowed into the park first thing in the morning, before the attractions are opened to other guests.

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